Hearthstone hits 20 million players

Hearthstone's player base has steadily grown to include over 20 million players, marking a huge milestone for the digital collectible card game.

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SteamPowered1220d ago

While I personally dont understand the allure of this game, I have a couple friends that live for it. And they are high-end Pc users which makes the choice even more perplexing.

ScubbaSteve1220d ago

I tried it out and completed the introduction. Then when I started playing I kept getting matched against people who clearly spent a lot of money on their cards so I just stopped playing.

Rikuide_Furame1220d ago

That's just an excuse to be honest. One of the most powerful and viable decks (Zoo) costs very little to craft and many variations have nothing above rares. The game has been out for a good while now - I haven't spent anything and I've a good number of legendaries etc.

ScubbaSteve1220d ago (Edited 1220d ago )

I've heard the "It's pay to not grind" comment more than once, it didn't convince me then nor does it now.

OpieWinston1220d ago

Easy to learn
Well balanced Card game

One of the better card games. If you're not into them then you wouldn't understand.

But Hearthstone is a pretty solid game, and is another reason why Blizzard is king at PC.

MRMagoo1231220d ago (Edited 1220d ago )

It is far from well balanced, there are certain OP cards that can only be used by certain classes that make them nearly impossible to beat unless you are lucky on every card that gets drawn. I can agree it is easy to learn though and it is also pretty fun till you hit the the high ranks and every person is playing 1 of about 3 op decks, hunter being one of them and why they keep getting nerfed. Next to be nerfed I suspect will be druid.

Einhert1220d ago

PC gaming is apparently dead and we have no big games?

Then Blizzard Happens.

irishyort1220d ago (Edited 1220d ago )

Not bursting your bubble here mate, but a free card game because people are bored with other styles of games like FPSs does not make a win IMO.

I love my PC and PC Steam, have played numerous hours on Hearthstone, but it should be a tablet / phone game at this point and nothing more. I'd kill this game and be king on the toilet ;P

If it helps (and I hope it kills it because I want one) Bring on and dominate with the Steam Box. One box to rule them all !

jmac531220d ago

Well they could be at 30 million if they would hurry up and release it for Android.

irishyort1220d ago

Now if only they would release it on i-phone and all modern android devices that number may pick up to 30 or 40 million

Idree1220d ago

I played it on my PC, was really enjoyable but i really wanna play it on the go on my iPhone ;)

Hurry up blizz!