This Far Cry 4 trailer has elephants smashing everything

Do I really need to add anything else?

The trailer starts off displaying a number of facts about elephants, before getting to the headbutting, smashing and stepping on things.

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Axonometri1526d ago

Man I am genuinely looking for this game to be great. Lately, it's all peanuts and Elephants show.

Thatguy-3101526d ago

If they nail the story this with no doubt will be the front runner for GOTY. Far Cry 3 was a great experience and this seems no different.

WeAreLegion1525d ago (Edited 1525d ago )

You might be right. Here are my guesses for most GOTY awards:

FarCry 4
Dark Souls II
Super Smash Bros.
LittleBigPlanet 3
Sunset Overdrive (I hope. Insomniac deserves it.)

What else came out that I'm missing?

Edit: Oh yes! Shadow of Mordor. Please don't suck!!! I want a good LotR game! I have high hopes for The Evil Within and Alien: Isolation, but I'm doubtful they'll win GOTY. Who knows though? This year is still anyone's game. Such an unpredictable year.

DarkOcelet1525d ago

The Evil Within , Aliens Isolation and Shadow of Mordor have a good chance of being GOTY since most of the previews liked all 3 games so i can see they have a big chance .

camel_toad1525d ago

A potential dark horse could be Shadow of Mordor. Really unlikely but Ive got hopes for it.

Nathan1701525d ago

The only problem I have with this game is the fact that is cross gen.
With so many games failing to deliver when they are cross gen I'm a little worried...

VealParmHero1525d ago

I know this is just a funny trailer, and this game will be awesome. What sucks is that I have sunset overdrive, forza horizon 2, advanced warfare, driveclub (at least ps-plus version), master chief collection aready pretty much day-one buys. Plus I still love titanfall and I really want assassins creed unity. Also, I just bought destiny. Now...I want this game...I am screwed. Plus I am a full time student and work fulltime as a nurse. SO...I am basically gonna miss out on at least one or two of these gems. I just hope I find time to come back to them. At this point, I am greatful for all the delays to games such as the order and the witcher...honestly, thank god.

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