Your Free Game This Month: Halo Reach Review

Halo Reach, your free game this month.

Microsoft continue their “Games with Gold” initiative by releasing Halo Reach for free download to all Xbox 360 Gold members. Celebrating its 4th birthday this week, Reach is the last instalment of the iconic franchise to be developed by Bungie, the team behind the chart-topping new release Destiny.

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RAFFwaff1553d ago

The story, lore, characters are much better than Destiny. Still playin multiplayer 4yrs on. Great game.

Summons751551d ago

Funny seeing it's the worst Halo game...guess you didn't even play Destiny because Destiny is great.

Funantic11551d ago

Yeah the worst Halo game is better than Destiny.

RAFFwaff1551d ago

its my favourite Halo game. Are you in control of my thoughts and opinions? Idiot.

Foehammer1553d ago

Talk about setting the bar high.

mhunterjr1553d ago

I wish they put halo3 on GwG. I forgot to dl it when it was available... IMO it's a better game that reach, and I need some loadout-less MP to get ready for MCC.

desertpunk861551d ago

any game bungie made before destiny it better than destiny itself even Operation: Desert Storm is better than destiny.

user3672721551d ago (Edited 1551d ago )

Bungie has redeemed themselves this month by at least giving us a great game. I still didn't understand why they proclaimed that each planet/moon in Destiny is as big as Reach as you can only drop off at certian spots in a planet itself. Reach is a great game and is a great way to introduce new players in the Halo universe and get them ready for MCC.

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