Hacker Installs DOOM on Canon Printer to Highlight Security Vulnerabilities

In 1993, first-person shooter Doom was a groundbreaking game. In 2014, it’s being used by ethical hackers to demonstrate security vulnerabilities in connected devices.

Specifically: printers. During his talk at the 44Con conference in London, Michael Jordon from Context Information Security proved he could easily compromise the Canon PIXMA printer – popular for homes and small businesses alike – by making it run Doom.

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Paprika1372d ago

Michael Jordan eh, life after basketball and over $1 billion is going great.

XBLSkull1372d ago (Edited 1372d ago )

What is the worst a hacker can do hacking your printer? Drain your ink cartridge? Lol

Who the F owns a printer still anyways? So 1990's...

OculusRift1372d ago (Edited 1372d ago )

If it can access your home network, there's a lot of bad that could happen.

Dubaman1372d ago

"An outsider could thus have changed settings on the printer to convince it to ask for updates from a malicious server rather than Canon’s official channel."

lameguy1372d ago

He can potentially read anything that you send to the printer.

Once he reads it, he can store it locally so the next time it's going through maintenance the 'bad guy' can pick up the data. Or, if it's network connected and has access to the internet, he can directly send anything you print to anywhere else in the world.

rizzardcore1372d ago

Are you serious? Off the top of my head I can think of 5 horrible things that can happen if a hacker broke into a printer. Think security/top-secret/confidenti al stuff.

Dirkster_Dude1372d ago (Edited 1372d ago )

Could use it as a jump point to infiltrate the rest of the network AND because the packets are supposedly coming from the printer the anti-virus and firewall software wouldn't probably see it as a threat. Therefore, it is a very big deal. However, at my company the first thing that would be done as the printer arrived would be to add a username and password then restrict usage to the local network. You could manage the printer remotely, but not update the firmware. That would require someone physically at the printer. If they got that far they would have a bigger problem than hacking on the network.

BX811372d ago

People who go to school and people who have jobs.... What a bum..

KwietStorm1372d ago

Do you ever make any sense on this site? Do any of your comments ever show any sense of intelligence? Ever?

NiteX1372d ago

I need a printer for my job. I have to test printing programs that customers must use for their accounting.

mixelon1372d ago

"Who the f owns a printer still anyways"

Whaaaaat? People who want to print things? So.. Most people?

ProjectVulcan1372d ago

I'm more impressed that a printer can run Doom. It's 21 years old but still.

Does that mean in 21 years I'll have a printer that can run Driveclub?

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optimus1372d ago (Edited 1372d ago )

@paprika...It‘s actually JordOn, so your joke doesn't work.

rizzardcore1372d ago

I think we should count it :)

masterfox1372d ago

Well thats one badass printer now.

WeAreLegion1372d ago

Freakin' sweet. That office isn't getting any work done now.

ChozenWoan1372d ago

now if they hack it to print 30pps instead of the usual 30ppm, then I can die happy.... well after I play it first of course.

1372d ago
Haki11121372d ago

tell this mofo to hack my printer to play doom!

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