Haters Gonna Hate: Destiny

Just in case you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, Halo developer Bungie dropped a bombshell at Sony’s PS4 reveal event in 2013, by announcing that they were teaming with Activision to bring to consoles a FPS/MMO hybrid called Destiny.

From the moment of the reveal the hype machine began, and the focus was on Destiny for the PS4, and while it was also launched for the Xbox One, the marketing for the game definitely gave consumers the impression that the game was best played on the PS4, and after seeing the alpha, and beta tests of the game played on a PS4, Toaster agreed, and added the console to the electronic village that has sprung up in his entertainment center.

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chrissx1379d ago

Destiny is a clear example of over hype. The game is ok, nothing spectacular.

Ghost_Nappa1378d ago

I expected more from Bungie.

airdragonzz1378d ago

@chrissx, LOL at your disagrees.some people just can't accept the truth. Destiny is just OK,nothing like what it was hyped to be.Destiny is not even the best game this year...

Saito1378d ago

Gamers of today praise mediocrity.

poppinslops1378d ago

It's becoming the Justin Beiber of videogames...
Big budget, Pretty to look at and technically proficient.
Unoriginal and soulless. Not to mention the horde of fanatics waiting in the wings to rant about how wrong I am...

Gamer4life8881378d ago

i will never ever trust a review on the internet ever again. how the fvck a game like this gets 6 ?! it's just baffles me. it's the best FPS we've had in years a breath of fresh air from CoD and BF...i hope it sells sh!t tons of copies so we can have a sequel.

PONTIAC08G8GT1378d ago

The best FPS in years? I think any true FPS fan would admit the shooting mechanics are not that great. The guns are seriously disappointing. And what's the "breath of fresh air"? Isn't this just Borderlands with better graphics? I think Titanfall owns the title of "best new FPS." I wouldn't even put this in the same category with COD, BF, and TF. Those are true FPS, this is a mix of a bunch of things and unfortunately doesn't do any of them that great. A 6 is low, but the game shouldn't be higher than a 7.

Gamer4life8881378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

can't tell if this guy serious just stated that destiny is borderlands with better graphics than you claimed that titanfall witch is basically CoD with mechs is the best new FPS?! this is what i like to call the definition of a blind fanboy hater. do me a favour and get hell out of the internet you just lost all credibility

PONTIAC08G8GT1378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

Blind fanboy because I said Titanfall was good? You need to learn what the word means. How many other FPS have come out this year? With a username like yours I would think you'd know something about games. Destiny is a breath of fresh air? Haha I hope YOUR not serious. Tell me, what does Destiny do thats revolutionary?

I'm sorry I didn't know you were the internet guru. Typical internet tough guy with a big mouth. Do ME a favor and change your tampon.

hello121378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

1 reviewer might get it wrong but most of the reviewers have given it a low score. I don't think they got it wrong.

Its 7/10 game at most.

6/10 i think is bit low. But the game does deserve a low score. I have not played it in a day and half, and if it was great, i'd be playing it now.

DeadlyOreo1378d ago

What do you mean "I don't think they got it wrong". Got what wrong? It's just some random person's opinion, there is no right or wrong lol.

I give this game an 8.5. But does that make me wrong?

phoenixfire29121378d ago

I feel that a scored review was given far to early for this game. It's an MMO, there is so much more playthrough before an actual score should be given

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