Unity CEO hopes Clash of Clans ‘drops like a fly’

Unity’s David Helgason explains his disappointment that the same companies continue to dominate mobile.

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spacepope1552d ago

If I was a pie chart baker, a budget cruncher, or an analytics snake oil salesman I'd be breathing a sigh of relief that they haven't dropped. It's a sign that big sales and marketing budgets, which include these types of jobs, can provide stable success (and stable employment).

Creatively it's bleh. Who, outside of suit-land, really wants the old big publishing system dominating again? Keep this industry wild and shaken.

tekksin1552d ago

well if it wasn't so dominated, maybe some people could find my game :|

KeeseToast1552d ago

So whats the name of your game ??

tekksin1552d ago


You can preview what the game is like in this link:

It's my first game, and it took a lot of time to learn how to get everything to work and look right. Unfortunately when I finished, I realized there was something called "marketing", and without that nothing really gets off the ground.

WeAreLegion1552d ago

What's your game? I'll give it a go!

tekksin1552d ago

María. It's pretty much mario with a female lead, and based around treasure puns. There's more info up above, if you're interested to know more :)

our_games_are_art1552d ago

OP will surely deliver game name

Death1552d ago

He changed it to Clash of Clans. He swapped the "C" in Clash with the "C" in Clans. The games look virtually identical.

WeAreLegion1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

Dude! It's awesome! It's very difficult to find in the Google Play Store through a mobile device. Why is that?

I'm loving it, so far! I'm only a couple of levels in.

I have a couple of thoughts though:

The font is much too small on my LG G3. Is that just a phone thing or is that how it usually plays? It's very hard to read. Minecraft PE actually has that issue on the G3 with the d-pad. -_-

Are there plans for a paid version? I would gladly pay for this game to get rid of the ads. It's a quality title.

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