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Destiny has been a long time coming, and now that it’s finally in your hands, its arrival is heralded with the excess luggage of its extreme hype. It’s finally time to verify if Bungie retained its magical touch as it moved away from the safety of the Halo series and braved the unknown landscapes of a fully new IP.

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Gamer4life8881372d ago (Edited 1372d ago )

good review

Pug1372d ago

yeah agreed I've kept away from most coverage and now I'm working out whether as a mainly single player orientated gamer this is worth buying. It sounds like it is, story it seems isn't brilliant but nether is it terrible so I'll probably pick this up.

I'd be interested in anyone who has this what there take is on playing this in single mode and how good it is.

Saelyn1372d ago

I've been playing Single Player because I was led to think that I did not need Playstation+. I should have had it anyway but meh ( on PS4 also ). So I've been playing it by myself for quite some time. While I was able to get a two day trial for Playstation+ to try some of the multiplayer components it was great and left me wanting more.

Now that it has run out and as I await for payday playing seems so arduous. It definitely was and is more fun with friends. At least you can participate in open world events when they drop with others. I think an 8.5 is rather a tad high, if you were going alone I would say drop the score by about a point and maybe a point and a half? If you play with others then perhaps the score works fine.

Though yeah if you are going in for just single player it definitely won't be AS fun as it could be. I definitely miss crucible and strikes, those were some nice shining moments.

Gamer19821372d ago

Didn't you get a weeks trial in your box?? I know EU all got 1 weeks PS+ in the box.. Unless you bought digital of course.

Saelyn1372d ago

@Gamer1982 - Yes it comes with 30 days free PS+ trial but it only works if you haven't had it before. Which I did.

JWiLL5521372d ago

Based on everything I've played so far 8.5 seems about right.

cr33ping_death1372d ago

Pssst. Don't give it more than a 6 or some people might get mad at you. ;)