PROTOTYPE; Q&A reveals side-missions, devastation

Excerpt from PS3 Attitude: "We managed to get some time to ask Tim Bennison, Executive Producer at Radical Entertainment, to fill us in on some of the unique game elements in PROTOTYPE."

"[Tim Bennison] The goal is to make players feel extremely powerful from the start of the game, whilst correctly balancing the enemy threat so that you're always on edge. The devastation that any one of these powers can cause is pretty spectacular, this is not a Tekken-like one-on-one fight, this is one man taking out 20 elite soldiers with a single killer move.

We have quite a few other powers up our sleeve that haven't been mentioned yet. We have an array of sensory powers for example, that make the PROTOTYPE a hunter on the par of the Earth's most dangerous predators..."

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ry-guy3830d ago

This game keeps climbing higher and higher on my list of games to get.

Truplaya3830d ago

Yeah, the trailer makes it look like an amazing mash up of Crackdown, GTA, Ninja Gaiden and Assassins Creed, i cant wait.

Nevers3830d ago

especially since HULK critically bombed so very very badly. The Psychological aspect of revealing more of the world thru the possession of people's "essence" sounds very intriguing... then mixing that with a super-powered-smash-em-up-sand box and you've got my attention.