Early Access Impressions: Jagged Alliance Flashback | TwoDashStash

The latest instalment in the Jagged Alliance series, Jagged Alliance Flashback, is rearing to make a comeback. With an updated engine, enhanced visuals, and a new story, Jagged Alliance Flashback aims to provide a game fans, new and old, can enjoy for years to come.

Developed by Full Control, the studio that brought us Space Hulk, as a spiritual successor to the fan favorite Jagged Alliance 2, Jagged Alliance Flashback plans to take the series back to its roots in more than one way. Maintaining many of the features that made the originals popular, Jagged Alliance Flashback is a turn-based tactical RPG in which players take control of teams of mercenaries throughout a series of missions. In keeping with the tone from previous installments, mercenaries recruited throughout the campaign have unique (and curious) personalities that give the game the quick wit and humorous tone for which the series is known for.

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