What To Do With Destiny Reviews

OnlySP: At the moment Destiny holds a metascore of 75. The reviews that have come in and aren’t, more smartly, reviewing as an ongoing process have been mixed.

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thorstein1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

What to do with Destiny Reviews? Toilet paper. Use to start a fire. Pick up dog doo. Line the cat litter pan. Put down on the drive while changing the oil in the car. Wipe up puke. Schnozzberry wipe. Paper basketball.

Sheikah1224d ago

Paper-cut the reviewers. Make funny hats. Wrap food in it. Use the to balance that one wobbly leg your table has. Make paper planes. Make more paper planes.

ECHOBLAST1224d ago

Give a beer to those two gentlemans !