Dear Bungie, We Apologize...

Destiny walked its own personal firestorm in the wake of the “Gamergate” controversy which had put the ethics of video game journalism under a magnifying glass. Bungie's title was the first major release since the “games journalism boil” ruptured and it appears in an attempt to secure the mindshare of gamers out there, Destiny was dragged across the coals for no other reason other than a distraction from the news of what goes on behind the curtain.

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Yo Mama1553d ago

Good and very interesting point of view. I'd never considered this.

DoublePlusGoodGames1553d ago

It's a bit of a stretch with the #GamerGate thread, but I've always known that any time you scratch the surface of the inner circle of games news that there's a price to be paid. Case in point, I still remember when Strength Gamer was verbally attacked on Twitter by Ben Kuchera over a benign tweet about 'possible nepotism' in the press.

I'm up to level 14 and have enjoyed 90% of my experience with Destiny thus far. Sure, there may be issues with the groan inducing dialog but I've rarely encountered a game, book or movie for that matter that didn't make me do one of these ಠ_ಠ. I've been playing with some of my old Rainbow Six 3 friends and have met some new friends along the way. No other game in the PS3 or PS4 library has made me increase my friends list as much as Destiny and the game is less than a week old.

I'm not saying the game is perfect and I feel that I'll find more plusses and minuses as the weeks go on. That said, I definitely feel that I had to do what I could to come to Bungie's aid on this one.

Not that they needed my help when your game does $500,000,000 in one day of sales, but...

donthate1553d ago

I can say that my experience has been quite the opposite of yours. I loved Halo and used to love Bungie. I really really wanted to like Destiny, and I tried, and tried and tried to no avail. Destiny is a hollow shell.

I knew that when I tried the beta, proceeded to ignored the red flags of lack of early reviews, and foolishly let the hype get me and doubled down $90 on the digital guardian edition.

Even my girlfriend says, you look bored and not as animated as when you play Titanfall. Who can blame her, she has been watching me play Titanfall for six months.

I don't doubt people enjoy Destiny, but it is an average game, and as a consensus on metacritic is pretty spot on. It is a 70 game!

This is a lesson in, don't hype up your game if you can't keep up.

XBLSkull1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

This game has done as expected. I was certainly excited as a Halo fan to see Bungies next product. Screenshots looked great. Red flag went up though when they started showing gameplay, wasn't nearly as magical has Halo, it just seemed, well, boring. Beta confirmed it. Final game and reviews all say it. This is not the studio it was once before. I think the heart of Bungie was transplanted and is now the heart of 343i.

The 75 or so metacritic average is completely fair for this game. The 5's and 6's weren't, but those average out.

TheRedButterfly1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

Seems pretty try-hard to criticize Polygon, Kotaku, Gamespot, The Escapist... Not saying it's ++ is a bad site, but I've never heard of it until now, and I'm /pretty/ sure that respected sites are respected for a reason.

IMO, Destiny, at release, is a solid 7.75. Will future content additions make it better? Hell yes! It'll be loads of fun. (Hell, it's already fun when playing with friends.)

But boil it down? Destiny (again, at release) is nothing more than open-world Horde mode. It's like making a game out of ME3's multiplayer, only on a MUCH bigger scale. The only problem? Destiny is trying to be so much more, and it... well... it just isn't...

Destiny is at its best when it's just a typical FPS... which is sad.

iNFAMOUZ11553d ago

nah nah nah you alreaDy hated on the game, cod loving kids
you cant take it back

DoublePlusGoodGames1553d ago

Wait, what? We generally don't hate on things so I'm genuinely curious as to whom you are referring to. Also, we were big fans of CoD4 and look forward to what is coming out in November.

From everything we've seen the new CoD is looking good thus far.

xDHAV0K24x1553d ago

I'm not a cod kid. I don't hate it but I only paid $30 for it so I thought it was worth a shot for 2 months before Halo MCC releases. I don't regret buying it. Only at level 8 and so far it's alright.

EinRobot1553d ago

The game is dull. The locations are lifeless. The game play is repetitive. Gamergate had nothing to do with the bad reviews. Borderlands did it better.

Aleithian1553d ago

Borderlands is a great comparison to show how hollow Destiny is.

Xsilver1553d ago

you can remember every single character from borderlands1/2 even the smalls ones that's one reason i like borderlands more than destiny so much life in boderlands.

Phene1553d ago

Yeh ..if u like the game cool, in fact I had some fun moments. But that doesn't take away from the overall fact that the game is hollow. And I can't believe these guys had the nerve to say story doesn't

DoublePlusGoodGames1553d ago

My favorite games for story have been the ones found in titles like "Journey", "Ico" and "Shadow of the Colossus". In the medium of games, I personally feel that "minimal dialog made up by tons of experience" is key.

I have had more memorable stories from games like WoW, FF XIV, Rainbow Six and others through experiences I have had with the gameplay. Taking down a huge creature, resurrecting a friend moments before the end of a battle, a weekend of questing, THOSE come with hundreds of stories.

Stories are majorly important to games, but they should be different than the scripted kind of story you see in movies or games like Uncharted & TLOU*.

* BTW, I personally loved Uncharted & TLOU. But those stories pale in comparison to what I pulled out of a game like "Ico/SoTC".

Phene1553d ago

Ok @doubleplusdgoodgames ..I can respect where your coming from and I wholeheartedly agree, those critical moments during strikes and boss fights do come with their own stories and in fact that was by and large the most fun aspect of Destiny. However, heavily scripted or subtle ...your personal experiences shouldn't be what replaces or has to make up for a games own story. I mean Destiny was pitched as this epic story of a Traveler saving humanity and I'm thinking man this could be some really interesting adventure. Except I barely get a cutscene, instead I get a machine that spews a few lines and I wait to shoot something. Differences of opinion I suppose, but I'm just calling it like I see it ...and Destiny comes off weak.

jdiggitty1553d ago

The thing that slapped me most about how weak the story is is that I accidentally completed it with 2 story missions left to do on Mars. How does that happen?

Johnsonparts231553d ago

Story doesn't matter. At least not for multiplayer focused games. When was the last time a cod or bf game had a good story? Oh that's right, never. Yet they consistently get 8's and 9's. The media are tools in every medium, especially gaming.

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DoublePlusGoodGames1553d ago

I was a HUGE fan of the first Borderlands and absolutely loved playing the game with friends. Even the intro movie was flipping hilarious.

Picking up with Borderlands 2, I enjoyed that title, but I didn't have the same level of enjoyment as the first. Not saying it was a bad game by any stretch, but definitely not as laugh out loud enjoyable as the first.

All that said, the writing in both Borderlands is superlative to that of Destiny but I've always thought the best written Bungie game was Marathon.


I don't like Borderlands, I like Destiny... You see, not everyone thinks like you ;)

EinRobot1553d ago

Its not a matter of taste, its a matter of execution. The world of Destiny is repetitive and hollow. It is not a ten year formula. They have to go very big with this game and very soon or mark these words. The interest will fade, its not as ambitious as they first made out. Can you honestly tell me the world of Destiny can even come close to living up to their nod to an mmo or persistent world that they leaned on early in marketing campaign?

UnwanteDreamz1553d ago

See this is a mission these haters are on. You say you like the game and he cant accept that you think its good. Man this is borderline obsessive behavior by some. Grow up and let other have their opinions.

MSBAUSTX1553d ago

@EinRobot I agree. I would like to point out a little game that came out not so long ago named Titanfall. I lost interest in that game after one week. I fell prey to the hype engine on that game and I was really entertained for literally 5 days. I traded it in and bought COD.

Now I am not saying that COD is better than Titanfall or Destiny. I am merely saying that there is still something to be said for single player campaign. Hell even WOW has story and lore BIG TIME.

I canceled my preorder of Destiny after the beta because of the seemingly lack of story and repetitiveness. I am not saying anyone is wrong if they bought and enjoy Destiny. We are not going to all enjoy the same games and to think otherwise is completely ignorant.

Bungie made their mark on the gaming community with a game that had Both incredible story and amazing competitive multiplayer, Halo. They did not do that with this game. It has incredible multiplayer for sure, but lacks in the compelling story and content that I PERSONALLY enjoy in games.

@ GUTZnPAPERCUTZ I don't like Destiny, I like Halo....You see, not everyone thinks like you do. ;-)

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mcarsehat1553d ago

Stop putting GATE on everything, it isn't clever.

DoublePlusGoodGames1553d ago

I never did like that "gate" moniker as it shows a lack of creativity in the media. Personally, I'd use something more like "#TheGameisUp", "#Gamesmageddon" or "#RedRingsExposed" for the last few weeks, but I'm not in the position to make those kinds of decisions.

That said, I only used it as it's become part of the vernacular in the past few weeks and I completely agree with the stupidity of 'GATE'-ing on everything.

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