Harmonix and Tilting Point partner on multi-game agreement

Harmonix, the world leader in music gaming and one of the most successful independent game developers of all time, has entered into a partnership agreement with Tilting Point to develop and market mobile music games together. Harmonix has begun development on the first title to be produced under the partnership, which will be a music-influenced game designed for mobile platforms.

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Codewow1374d ago

Ugh, Harmonix has been teasing Rockband 4 for a few months now.. Why won't they announce it!?

JackBNimble1374d ago

I thought Harmonix was done with rockband, either way , RockSmith is the way to go . Learn to play a real guitar not some plastic guitar shaped controller.

Codewow1374d ago

Rockband taught me how to play the drums :3 I have rocksmith as well.

FriedGoat1374d ago

JackBNimble, Rockband 3 is better than Rocksmith, and it was the FIRST to teach real guitar..

Rocksmith has horrible delay too, yuck!