Michael Pachter Hints "Exciting" Holiday 2014 Promotion for Xbox One, says "Wait To Buy One"

Wedbush Securities Analyst Michael Pachter and Video Game Journalist Geoff Keighley meet at Games Beat 2014 and talked about what's coming from Micrsoft for Xbox One this upcoming Holiday Season 2014.

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lelo2play1377d ago

Let me guess. X1 with Minecraft bundle.

christocolus1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

Lol. I doubt it will have anything to do with minecraft but I'm curious myself cos patcher seems really excited about it and im guessing it will be a really really awesome deal.

I know a few people who were planning to pick up the SO bundle and i doubt they would want to hold off till the fall to buy an xbox one but ill let them know about this little piece of info...may be worth it.

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Mr Pumblechook1377d ago

Pachter is such a Microsoft fanboy. PlayStation 4's sales success has been killing him and he's been waiting a long time for good news. But as an impartial analyst should he really be acting as an XBO cheerleader?

GameDev11377d ago

@Mr pumblechook

Is he a fanboy? I think he is pretty fair with his analysis. Thing is that his analysis and predictions usually fails big time

tehpees31377d ago

Mr Pumblechook

I think he is paid. XBO has been getting outsold by every other major system on the market yet he has not acknowledged how badly they are doing.

ABizzel11377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

I predicted the same thing about a month ago, now where's my check at?

Why is Patcher even relevant in the industry. What has he actually done to be relevant besides be proven wrong countless times.

If your local MS store is still running both promotions you can get a XBO bundle + 1 game of your choice +$50 gift card for $299 w/o Kinect, or $399 with Kinect if you're willing to trade in your 360 or possibly a PS3.

So cheapest now is $299 XBO w. 2 games and a $50 gift card.

I find it hard to believe they're announce something better than that on a Worldwide scale.

The BIGGEST thing I see happening is a Halo: MCC + Call of Duty: AW Bundle, with a Free download for Forza 5 $349 - $379 on Black Friday. That's pretty much speaking AT LEAST 1/8 of the 360's fanbase.

The current promotions is still good, but if you like those games then you might as well wait and pick that bundle up....IF that's what it is.

Death1377d ago

The free game offer expired Saturday. It was a limited promotion. You can still trade in a 360 or PS3 for $100 off and get a free $50 code to use though. I'm considering trading in a 360 for the Sunset Overdrive bundle for my kid. If Sony had the same offer I would pick a PS4 up now instead of waiting for a game to come out that I want.

Charybdis1377d ago

Pretty sure Patcher will tell sony what they want to know for a price.

redwin1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

What will MS do with minecraft ? Free open world minecraft for everyone in XboxLive (behind the paywall)... MMO minecraft anyone?

UltimateMaster1377d ago

"Wait to buy an Xbox One"
Not really the best spokesman to convince you to buy one now.

MRMagoo1231377d ago

Funny how you guys seem to think he is right here in this article and are getting excited , yet in the other article a few spots up he says xbone is probably going away and you guys think he is an idiot, imo anything he says is a waste of breath.

XBLSkull1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

Ha, you could bundle the Xbox One with the Master Chief Collection, and charge $1000 and it would still be one of the best values in gaming.

I would easily have paid $1000 for the incredible years of play I got from Halo 2.

I'm sure anything they have will be significantly less. Those who had the patience to wait are going to have a great Christmas season.

jrshankill1376d ago

Virtual Reality.

If Microsoft want to claw it back, bring Virtual Reality to Xbox One before PS4 does.

Mark my words.

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3-4-51377d ago

K well " I already Got one".

" He says he's already got one? "

700p1377d ago

I predict that pachter will make another obvious prediction.

Yetter1377d ago

I could see minecraft included on all MS devices from PC's to phones to consoles to tablets in the next few years

Kidmyst1376d ago

At this point there isn't anything I really want on the Xbone I can't play on the PS4 or PC so I'll wait until a slim and smaller version of the Xbone, by then there will be more exclusives to choose from.

SmielmaN1376d ago

I doubt they paid 2.5 billion to package mine craft for free. Your more likely to see a subscription based service to play mine craft kind of like Warcraft. MS wants your money and that's how you get ppl to pay for a game, then pay them again to play it with other ppl. Ex.: XBL

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Kayant1377d ago

3 Free games for $399. Temp price drop. Should be interesting they will definitely need be super competitive to win NPD. I wonder how Sony will respond. Anyways good for people looking to buy XB1 soon.

xer01377d ago

Only 3?

MS are Kings of promotion... It should be 5 FREE games and Xbox Live Gold for a year! ;-)

harrisk9541377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )


Ain't gonna happen, but I would consider buying one for that promotion! 5 games (total value=$300) plus a year of Live (value=$60) plus the XB1 for a cool $399!

Throw in an extra controller and Kinect while you are at it! ;)

user65409481377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

I still wouldn't bite. I don't see there being much variety in xbox one's future lineup. After Sony's pre-TGS lineup, I feel like ps1/ps2 days are returning (japan making a comeback). With xbox one, I feel like it's another repeat of the overhyped westernized trash we got from last gen. No thanks.

Death1377d ago


Sony has closed down and restructured many of the studios responsible for the variety of games the Playstation had in that era. Their fisrt party today isn't even close to what it was then. Even third parties that operated closly with them like a second party such as Insomniac and to a degree Konami have moved away and are multiplatform developers. Combined with Microsofts check book we are seeing games like Tomb Raider going exclusive.

The variety we are seeing today is coming from the indie developers.

Thantalas1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

Is it too soon for a price drop to $299 / £299?

UltimateMaster1377d ago

There are already better promos than this now.

15 games + Xbox One for 350$.
Now your talking. Right?

the_dark_one1377d ago

Patcher!!! Now thats a name i didnt hear in a long time, and is associated with bullcrap.

gfk3421377d ago

You're right but now he is 100% sure. Thinking at the deals that have been put on the market so fat combined with a fair/ understandable desperation, for sure it the holiday will bring the best Done deals.

Everyone wanting a bundle should wait until the holidays.

gamertk4211377d ago

I see Patcher all the time from armchair analysts on N4G who don't even know how to spell his name, lol.

the_dark_one1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )


oh im sorry i got one letter one the wrong order i guess that makes me stupid -_-

Foehammer1377d ago

MS has always had Holiday bundles. I expect 2014 will not be any different.

MCC bundle?
Sunset Overdrive bundle?
Forza Horizon 2 bundle?
Project Spark bundle?
COD MW bundle?

Rimgal1377d ago

I doubt the Project Spark bundle will ever happen. Since it's a free to play game.

But who knows, MS might surprise us.

TheCagyDies1377d ago

Sunset Overdrive bundle and COD AW bundles are already confirmed and available for preorder. I can see a post launch FH2 bundle next year like Forza 5. It kinda sucks that there isn't a Halo MCC (despite being Xbox One's most preordered exclusive according to Gamestop) but I can see Halo 5: Guardians Themed Xbox One next year. I doubt Project Spark will get one.

christocolus1377d ago

Why is everyone talking about bundles? No where in the article is a bundle even mentioned. He keeps talking about could be anything not just bundles it could be another price cut or even an introduction of a slim model(just for the fall). Why is everyone talking bundles? The only bundle im expecting before the fall is the Halo mcc bundle and i doubt its what patcher is talking about here.

TheCagyDies1377d ago

"Why is everyone talking about bundles?"

I do not have an answer, I just saw the guy above me talking about bundles and I replied talking about bundles.

christocolus1377d ago


Lol,I know you don't have the answers .Sorry about that,wasn't actually directing the question at you,was just trying to stomp on what seems like the general assumptions here that the promo patcher is talking about is an unannounced bundle. My bad.

danny8181377d ago

x! is just getting better and better honestly.

bigpiece1377d ago

the updates every month are awesome. im loving that i purchased one!

danny8181377d ago

I traded my ps4 for an X1. I don't regret it honestly. Its always being updated, great quality games, and I never had problems with live PSN was very unreliable for me.

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SoapShoes1377d ago

Yeah that doesn't sound realistic at all and great quality games? It has much less than PS4, hasn't had an exclusive since March.

Death1377d ago


Both the PS4 and Xbox One's last exclusives were in March. Since then the PS4 has seen the Last of Us released. Drive Club is the next exclusive and I believe last PS4 exclusive for the year. On Xbox One we will see Forza Horizon 2 released tomorrow then Sunset Overdrive, and the Master Chief Collection in October and November.

I'm not sure how you call that less than Sony.

BitbyDeath1377d ago

@Death, here is a more accurate listing.

PS4 - 67 games
Xbox - 23 games

Bookmark it

BX811377d ago

Why is that bs? I traded in my ps4 to pay for xb1 games I preordered. Nothing to play on my ps4 right now. Don't get it confused, the ps4 has games I just do most my gaming on Xbox. I had a ps3 last gen for street fighter and some ps exclusives. I'll wait to get another ps4 when an uncharted console (I hope) comes out.

Death1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )


We are talking exclusives. Using your chart which is outdated, there were 49 PS4 retail games to the Xbox One's 43. 35 were multiplatform leaving 8 exclusives on the Xbox One and 14 on the PS4. Drive Club will make 15. On the Xbox One we will see Forza Horizon, the MCC and Sunset Overdrive making it 11. Of the 15 PS4 retail games and 11 Xbox One games, 5 of the PS4 games are in the 50's or below according to Metacritic. There is only 1 on the Xbox One. That leaves 10 decent games on both systems. Everyone is different and you may like some of the games that critics panned, it's up to you. Personally I don't care for shovelware and would rather spend my money on games that don't suck.

The chart you linked is an excellent tool to take a quick glance at both libraries and see what interests you. Sony has a much bigger selection of indie titles if that is what you are into and is clearly the better choice if you like that content. I wouldn't call it better games, but definately more selection if you are a casual player looking to make an uncasual purchase.

The bottom line is you have a better chance of getting a "bad" game on the PS4 and there is a metric s#!+ ton of exclusive "indie" games to buy if you like them. It's a win on Sony's part, but I'm not sure how good a win it actually is.


BitbyDeath1377d ago


You sound very biased. More games = more chances of better quality titles and PS4 does have a lot more better quality titles.

But you are biased and will never understand.


P_Bomb1376d ago

[Quote]...Drive Club is the next exclusive and I believe last PS4 exclusive for the year.[/Quote]

LBP3 comes out November. Multi-million selling franchise and former GOTY winner at The Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences etc. That's pretty significant.

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brich2331377d ago

26 people dont have an xbox one, and also wish they could play Forza, Sunset, Halo, this holiday.

CBaoth1376d ago

Good thing you don't need a XB1 to play Forza Horizons 2 this holiday. Or did the 360 version get cancelled and I missed the memo? Notice how Death above us omitted LBP3 because it's cross-platform with the PS3 yet leads with FH2.

That's how you're able to easily distinguish between fan and fanboy. You can't cherry pick the facts to suit your position; you have to apply an even layer of consistency in your argument.