Spotify Playlists for all Seven Forza Horizon 2 Radio Stations

Playground Games, developers of Forza Horizon 2, have again partnered with BBC Radio DJ Rob da Bank’s to assemble the radio stations that comprise the soundtrack for the game’s southern European music and racing festival. The seven stations (up from three in the original Forza Horizon) should cover most tastes, provided your tastes skew towards EDM, indie pop, or classical. Fantastic Neighborhood has gone ahead and done you the massive favor of assembling these stations into Spotify playlists. Enjoy!

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Whirlwind_Fanfare_081226d ago

No dom & roland, technical itch, calyx or black sun empire in the drum & bass music lineup? wow! can't believe it.

traumadisaster1224d ago

The first horizon's music worked for me, I loved it. Put in the demo and its perfect for me, only bad thing it makes me want to jump and partake in adult beverages in the middle of the week.

DanzoSAMA1225d ago

the demo is awesome !!!

Alicornium1224d ago

>be me
>love spotify
>love forza horizon

Guys, catch me when I faint.

christocolus1224d ago brother is currently at it and the demo is really that good. I'm just amazed at how polished it is. Ill definitly be getting the final game.

Also im certain MS will get a lot more preorders for this game just by word of mouth and feedback from the demo.

qwerty6761224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )


the one im trying to find is the gamespot one with their recent impressions video.

pastysmash1224d ago

No doubt the full game will be fantastic, I'm loving the demo.

But this soundtrack is god awful. I've heard of one artist in that whole list (Janes Addiction)

Another soundtrack catered to Hipsters. Terrible. It will be getting muted.

poppinslops1224d ago

Grumpy old man... Hipsters stopped listening to this stuff like, months back.

The soundtrack is largely geared towards Eurotrash...

Check out 'Red Eyes' by The War on Drugs. A Jane's Addiction fan should approve.

To those of you who've yet to download the demo... DO IT... It's beautiful.

urwifeminder1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

Agreed its not my thing would rather some Stubb , Truckfighters or Clutch to get my ear hyped as I like instruments not computers in my music. Demo is pure class money is down .

FantasticHood1223d ago

"Demo is pure class; money is down."

I am going to start using this phrase all the damn time.

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