Videogamer: Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit Review

To its fans Dragonball Z makes perfect sense. It's classic Japanese anime, with bonkers fighting scenes, spiky haired warriors and earth shattering super powers. To everyone else it's just a bit mental. Question is, has Osaka-based development studio Dimps done enough to propel Dragonball Z Burst Limit, the manga's first 'next-gen' video game, through the fan service stratosphere and into the realm of the serious fighter?

The answer is, rather disappointingly, no. DBZ: BL is easy to pick up and play, which is great for DBZ fans who aren't fighting game veterans, and its combat system has enough depth to please those who have mastered the odd quarter circle combo, which is great. But the lack of variety in character play styles and arenas, as well as the nonsensical 'Drama Piece' system which sees cut scenes trigger in the middle of fights completely randomly, holds Burst Limit back.

* Easy to pick up but hard to master combat
* Lovely cel-shaded graphics
x Nonsensical Drama Piece system
x Lack of variety

Gameplay 6
Graphics 8
Sound 6

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