Destiny is the Biggest Letdown Since Daikatana

The author remembers the massive disappointment that was John Romero's Daikatana, and compares it to the community reaction to Destiny.

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Rimgal1070d ago

"Destiny is the Biggest Letdown Since Daikatana"

Some people just love to hyperbolize everything.

And the biggest difference is sales?
No the biggest difference is that you can actually play Destiny, unlike Daikatana that is completely unplayable.

randomass1711070d ago

I don't know why you got so many disagrees. Daikatana was a straight up bad game. Destiny can actually be enjoyed if you like co-op shooters.

Rimgal1070d ago

Don't worry about it. People just want to hate the game, and they can't stand anyone who thinks differently.

I wouldn't be surprised if someone marked my comment as trolling

FriedGoat1069d ago

The Difference is Destiny has some damn good PVP.
Best part of the game imo.

Godmars2901069d ago

probably because some people don't have a point of reference. Never played Daikatana. Or a truly broken game.

MRMagoo1231069d ago

I think watch dogs is worse than destiny by a mile , the hate for destiny is fishy.

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Aceman181069d ago

Destiny isn't a big letdown for me since i'm loving it.

Jihaad_cpt1069d ago (Edited 1069d ago )

Im loving it too PSN: RaidenCPT

P.S. I'm a noob at FPS games

DefenderOfDoom21069d ago

TOTALBISCUIT said UBISOFT gave out free NEXXUS PHONES for the reviewers who reviewed WATCHDOGS ! (PAYOLA) I think most reviewers are on deadlines , so when they play video games, it is like homework to them ! Meanwhile us gamers just have fun playing video games !

joab7771069d ago

Stupid article. I love Destiny. It's quite amazing actually.

Jughead34161069d ago

The power of the press. Getting people to believe Destiny is a bad game.

MuhammadJA1069d ago

The power of N4G. Forcing people to love Destiny because it's better on PS4 or has exclusive content.

Baccra171069d ago

I'm surprised people actually know what Daikatana is.

SonyMontana1069d ago

I think what this guy really wants to say is: "Look at me everyone, I'm going against mainstream gaming to! Am I cool now? Yeah, I'm a rebel!" This getting old already, get over it. I like the game, u mad bro?

3-4-51069d ago

Destiny's PvP is arguably better than any Halo or COD game has ever been.

I wouldn't call that a disappointment.

Whiny Brats didn't get their emo way, so now they take it out on them via their "reviews", which almost all just happen to leave out facts and include Bias.

WATCH DOGS....was much more of a let down, IMO, but once again...just my opinion.

ShottyGibs1069d ago (Edited 1069d ago )

The only thing that was hyperboled was how amazing Destiny is. It's all we heard about for 1 year and now this stale, tired format, abortion of a game is released.
Next gen my a$$. Might as well return my PS4 and sit and wait for a PS5.

tee_bag2421069d ago (Edited 1069d ago )

That's what happens when so little games are available - the ones on the horizon get overhyped. It reminds me of Eddie Murphy saying if you give a starving man a Ritz cracker he'll think its a 5 star meal.

jrshankill1069d ago

"Destiny is the Biggest Letdown *SINCE* Daikatana"

The author isn't saying it is a bigger letdown than Daikatana, the author is saying it's the biggest letdown SINCE Daikatana.

A whole lot of jumping to defend your overpriced and overrated purchases on this thread.

The game was supposed to revolutionize social shooters.. it has failed. It has not become the household name Bungie said it would, or predicted it would. This is fact. It is mediocre with bad structure.

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Jinova1069d ago

I agree with your disagree.

jrshankill1069d ago

I agree with your agree of his disagree

averagejoe261069d ago (Edited 1069d ago )

Not a let down at all. I don't know one family member or friend who isn't addicted to this game right now.

Problem is, everyone in real life seems to love it... But everyone online seems to hate it.

I have old high school friends who I have nothing in common with, who I haven't talked to in a decade posting about their love for this game.

DarkLord10031069d ago

No - since ET!!!!

Man - some people just need to calm down.