Madden NFL 15 Sells 1.15 Million Units in US in Opening Week - PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3

"Madden NFL 15 sold 1.15 million units across all platforms in its first week in the US. Sales for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game were well ahead of their predecessors with a 62 percent marketshare.

The PlayStation 4 was the top platform for Madden NFL 15 with sales of 404,476. Madden NFL 15 sold 310,560 units for the Xbox One, 252,052 units for the Xbox 360, and 183,893 units for the PlayStation 3."

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kalkano1435d ago

It would be nice if they compared it to the first week of previous games...

Hopefully it's not good. I hate the current direction of the series.

trunkswd1435d ago

The PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of last years Madden opened with 1.08 million units in the US.

TomShoe1433d ago

Why do people still quote chartzzzzz

Testfire1433d ago

What's the current direction? I ask because I refuse to pay $60 for roster updates. I just bought Madden 13 for $7 lol. I did notice it had more of an arcade feel to it though, is that what you mean?

kalkano1433d ago

I definitely like simulation over arcardey. I hate the XP progression system. I'm a big-time CPU vs CPU player (which they no longer allow in offline franchise mode). And, even though Sony is just as much to blame for this one, it's pathetic that a modern sports game does not include custom soundtracks.

TheoreticalParticle1433d ago

You know what would be nice in addition to historical sales would be if they weren't just straight making up sales numbers, but you gotta set your bar real low with these guys.

TheWatercooler1433d ago

PS4 dominated Madden Xbone sales even though it was heavily market by Microsoft and was bundled with Xbone.

Dat Domination!

user3672721433d ago

The xb1 bundle digital copies are not counted though. Not a surprise as the ps4 has a larger user base but a 100,000 difference is pretty much what was expected on the software front and it actually did great across all platforms.

Flamingweazel1433d ago (Edited 1433d ago )

It has been proven even with bundles ps4 was easily the top selling sku...MS cannot even win in the US with free game bundkles.

Also the x1 did maybe what 150 K all month?? How many were madden bundles? The bundles would not offset the ps4 sales lead.

user3672721433d ago (Edited 1433d ago )


I never claim Madden on xb1 outsold the PS4 verrsion even with the bundle. I am just saying it is 100,000 behind the ps4 version just on retail copies. Ps4 has more users at this point so it is expected almost all third party ports will sell more on the Sony console at this point.

The article did also mentioned that the Madden bundle helped xb1 to outsell the ps4 hardware for the week though.

Subaruwrx1433d ago

The digital copy bundled with the XB1 came at no extra cost so it shouldn't count the same as a full priced digital or retail version of the game. I'm sure that some people who bought the bundle won't play the game that much. Best way to determine how a game is doing on a specific platform is to figure out the ratio of players per platform.

WeAreLegion1433d ago

I think you're both ridiculous.

BillytheBarbarian1433d ago (Edited 1433d ago )

Should say "madden rips off another 1.15 million gamers".

spacedelete1433d ago

blame dumb gamers not EA. this is how EA is one of the biggest game companies because they know how to manipulate their fanbase with the same games over and over at full price. EA with their money printing machine. ca ching $$$.

Myst-Vearn1433d ago

I do not understand how Vgchartz is still around and how people listen to them. They have been proven how horribly inaccurate their sale figures are many many times. They just take guesses based on previous sales and then adjust the numbers when official figures are released. *** that site.

GenericNameHere1433d ago

I think this is the adjusted sales. Madden '14 was included in the NPD last week IIRC.

Shineon1433d ago

I wanna play NFL the show ooops oh yeah I can't Cuz the NFL sold the license to EA#10 yrs

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