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Destiny’s disappointing reviews show just how overhyped the game was

Destiny was supposed to be the "next big thing".

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Community1319d ago
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CustardTrout1319d ago

Literally every game gets over hyped.

NewMonday1319d ago

problem is some will build up the game in their minds to something it will not be, and then get disappointed when it doesn't meet their imagination.

ramiuk11319d ago

i hyped things in my head then canceled preorder.
then other day i reordered it as i got it cheap and im so glad i bought it.
at first it felt empty but its filling up now and getting better as i get ranked up.
PvP is great fun and i l;ove co-op gaming.

are there things i would change...damn right!!!

but i would give the game an 8 based on how it is now,day 1 was about a 5 or 6.

only thing that has really annoyed me is finding out raids are friends only and i only have 2 on ps4 and they havent been able to afford the game yet.

donthate1319d ago

I was skeptical all the way until I bought it, but Titanfall was having some problems with their latest update, and I couldn't wait to try something.

Double down $90 on digital guardian edition Now everytime I see Destiny in the news, I cringe as I wasted $90. The game imo is a turd!!!

NewMonday1319d ago


YouAreSalty !

DC7771319d ago

Exactly, built up in their own minds not by anyone else. All they did is show clips. People over hyped the game to be something else themselves.

Next they will be over hyping COD for having the best story of the year.

The only person to blame here for disappointment is the buyer who didn't do their homework and fantasized.

reaperofsouls1319d ago

@you are salty

you are trolling every single destiny article on n4g, obviously you are a butthurt salty xbone fanboy who can't except the fact that bungie has moved on from iterating halo games and is releasing games on PS.

Torque_CS_Lewith1318d ago

PS fan right NewMonday? I am willing to bet that you blamed EA and Microsoft plus the media for TitanFall's hype but now you are blaming gamers for Destiny's hype.
I'd check your comment history but I am lazy so just tell me I am wrong.

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MeliMel1319d ago

Not true and not the magnitude of Destiny. Desitny has quickly become the Brian Bosworth of video games.

Spinal1319d ago ShowReplies(1)
ritsuka6661319d ago

The fact of the matter is this game is painfully average and fails to live up to what it should be. Borderlands did everything that this game does 100 times better.

Tetsujin1319d ago

I'm not targeting you specifically, however I get sick of people comparing Destiny and Borderlands. The only things they have in common is kill enemies for loot, both are multiplayer, and first person shooters. I guess the new standard is "if you have to kill enemies for loot, compare it to Borderlands."

I didn't buy the game on hype, I bought the game because it's an experience my friends and I can enjoy together and actually have fun with minimal headache.

CaspuR1319d ago (Edited 1319d ago )

dude thats alot of f'ing things to have incommon with another game for it not to be directly compared lmao. You make it sound like the difference between halo and the last of us.

Dread1319d ago (Edited 1319d ago )


Its like ur comparing the same game. Your point was completely missed. in fact i kind of want to play
now. At least it had a story

Dlacy13g1319d ago

So with all the reviews coming in hitting well below what many of us expected its clearly evident Bungie knew this was coming and they along with Activision did everything they could to keep reviewers delayed in doing their jobs so we the public wouldn't see the tidal wave of mediocrity this game is scoring.

Not sending review games / codes until day of launch should have been the single biggest red flag. Not only was there an NDA embargo on the reviews but they literally didn't send review copies to many outlets unitl after the fact to ensure any "bad" news was not there day one so they could get as many of the pre-order sales and day one sales pushed through before we became aware that this game may not be as great as we were led to believe.

Then we had the message from Bungie themselves, "Don't believe early reviews". They tried to discredit review sites coming out early and yet those same mediocre early reviews are still coming well after launch with other review sites So in a nut shell, the early reviews were in the ball park of the others.

This kind of tactic has me losing a lot of faith in Bungie. Somehow I had thought they were better than this kind of thing.

Phene1319d ago

As a PS4 owner I was greatly anticipating getting to play a game from the lauded Xbox Halo devs. Honestly I'm more sad than pissed, these guys had resources and lots of experience and I just wish the game was more intricate. So far next gen has been underwhelming.

2cents1319d ago

When Marty was pushed, I ..!

That was the first time I actually felt a little concern about the fractured Bungie.

Once they left halo and a number of key players went to 343 with the chief, Bungie was already deficient of key minerals.

It seems as if the story tellers remained with 343 and the artists and level designers stayed at Bungie. Only my opinion though.

I like Destiny, however last night at about 3am, after 6 hours of playing I actually slipped into a halo trip. I for a second thought I was playing reach! Made me laugh and then to promptly turn the bloody thing off and get some sleep.

They have easily made enough cash to make sure that they get the next one much closer to what they were expecting it to be themselves, Bigger team, bigger game, BIGGER HYPE!!! :) Hopefully... Better game.

Godmars2901319d ago

Or how badly it delivered on its basic premise.

lashes2ashes1319d ago

Overhype was not the problem. The missions are almost all the same and the world feels completely life less. And I don't mean in terms of Npcs I mean level design fallout,borderlands,last of us,bioshock and the metro seres all have items or bodies placed around the world that tells the story of the people that lived there and destiny has none of that. Nothing in the game feels real or lived in.

CaspuR1319d ago

spot on, Couldnt have said it better myself. its extremely hard to immerse yourself in destiny, It reminds you every 30 seconds your playing a game right now

Neonridr1319d ago

I agree about the missions being so similar. It always ended up being get to point A, deploy ghost, fend off waves of bad guys concluded with one big bad guy. Kill him, mission ends..

Don't get me wrong, I still "enjoyed" the story missions, but definitely a lot of wash, rinse, repeat.

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