Destiny - Warlock Class Guide: How to Create the Best Voidwalker of Sunsinger

Bill Lavoy (Prima Games): Choosing a class of character to play as in Destiny is a big deal. It's a decision that will help to shape the experience you have with the game for many hours. Choosing the wrong one can have consequences on how successful you are in-game and how much fun you have, so it's best you do a bit of research before jumping in. That's where we come in.

While we've already talked about the Hunter and Titan classes, today we're going to break down the Warlock, going over all of its subclasses, Abilities, Passives and Grenades. If you're not sure what class is for you, let us help you out.

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AnotherGamer1171371d ago

Okay, I looked over this article and I am confused.

It does go over all the abilities/options for a Warlock, but it doesn't tell you any combinations and why that would make "Best" of anything.

Misleading article heading... I was expecting an article explaining how the different abilities could be used to create class setups like:

1. Glass cannon - all damage and no defense, kill before you are killed.

2. Defender - the best abilities to maximize survival.

Still an interesting article read even if it didn't provide me with the information I was looking for.

3-4-51371d ago

I've been playing as Warlock - Voidewalker and it's been a really fun experience.

The controls are awesome.