You May No Longer Be Able To Monetize Your Minecraft Videos

"Following Microsoft's announcement today that they are buying Minecraft developer Mojang, one thought that may have come into many a YouTuber's head is - will I still be able to monetize my Minecraft videos?

The answer is probably no. Microsoft's Game Content Usage Rules specifically state just that." - TGC

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Godmars2901378d ago

Only a rumor. Speculation.

psvitamanfan1377d ago

Not really, it's clearly stated in Microsofts Game Content Rules.

nX1377d ago

Funny how another news on the front page states "Microsoft’s Purchase of Minecraft Will Benefit Everyone".

Septic1377d ago

Well wait for clarification on it guys before making assumptions/knee-jerk reactions.

Mr Pumblechook1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

It IS a Microsoft rule - but we have to wait and see if they enforce it.

Their statement yesterday acknowledged the Minecraft community, who are a big part of the reason Microsoft wanted this IP. There are guys like Stampy and Captain Sparklez who have a massive worldwide following on YouTube so I would think it unlikely that Microsoft would try and change that.

If Microsoft did enforce this Im sure a new Minecraft clone would spring up and the community would migrate to it. After spending $2.5 Billion I don't think they would be that stupid... I don't know of any previous occasion where they have asked for the removal of a Let's Play from YouTube of any of their own studio published games.

Septic1377d ago

I suspect that MS would most likely make an exception to the rule for this because I imagine the backlash to this would be immense and not something they can afford at all right now (money doesn't help in this regard).

Minecraft has a MASSIVE following on YouTube (I personally never really got into Minecraft and really don't get the whole appeal around it) and this policy would definitely ruffle a lot of feathers.

ShadowWolf7121377d ago


Doubtful. IF they made any exceptions to the rule, it would likely only be for those who are already big names in the Minecraft community and they'd just chalk it up to costs of advertising. Up-and-comers though... unlikely.

Godmars2901377d ago


Any action like that would effect the Minecraft community overall. They'd be foolish to try and micromanage like that.

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psvitamanfan1378d ago

I'm a man who is a fan of the PS Vita. Are you a fish who is fond of english deserts?

DarkOcelet1378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

And your name is Custard lol and my name is DarkOcelet because i love Revolver Ocelot , nothing is wrong in naming yourself on something you like .

jrshankill1377d ago

how about actually waiting and finding out for yourself instead of listening to bullS**t online?

Berenwulf1377d ago

This is just the beginning... Microsoft will destroy Minecraft!

nX1377d ago

Timed Xbox exclusive with breathtaking microSOFTtransactions

CaptainObvious8781377d ago

"After spending $2.5 Billion I don't think they would be that stupid... "

That's what I said when those DRM rumors stated to appear and we were in the middle of #dealwithit. I knew ms were greedy, but I didn't think they would be that stupid to try to enforce their draconian DRM...

And look what happened.

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mhunterjr1378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

We knew this day would come... The FUD speculation has arrived.

hkgamer1377d ago

sad news for people who earn big bucks from minecraft videos. actually would be a fking scary right now for them.

i was just wondering if this was part of ms game studios or ms as a whole. not 100% sure if mojang would be part of their ms games studios or a seperate enitity.

hazelamy1377d ago

i really hope they're not stupid enough to actually do this, but then they did think locking disc games on console to a single user was a good idea, so who knows.

they're certainly greedy enough, but are they stupid enough?

CaptainObvious8781377d ago

"they're certainly greedy enough, but are they stupid enough?"

Looking back at the DRM fiasco, I'd say, yes, they are that stupid.

Jack_Reacher1377d ago

Oh come on as if ms are going to still let you make money on something they are not.

Wake up people. Surely you have read of the way they have forced devs to charge for dlc and the like in the past.

Give it less than a year and they whole aura around minecraft will be gone.

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