Destiny: A Comprehensive Guide to Level 20 and Beyond

(CraveOnline) "Destiny has a “soft” level cap of 20, though you can level your Guardian all the way up to level 30 using “Light.” Destiny is quite vague when it comes to explaining the best ways in which players can achieve this, and the majority of guides we’ve stumbled across don’t offer a comprehensive look at the best methods in which to achieve the max level cap in the game. Fortunately for you, we’re here to help."

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Wedge191553d ago

Great information. I am loving how everything works towards something in this game. Such a great leveling system, and not too grindy.

ninsigma1551d ago

The leveling system is great, I really get tired of having to grind in games so this is a really nice way of doing it. The random drops and rewards for levelling after 20 always provides more incentive to keep playing imo.

stormswrath1551d ago

I only disagreed with this because once I reached level 20 I grinded on the same strikes, patrols, daily heroic missions and weekly strike and I have barely gotten any thing. I haven't even reached level 22 in light and I only have a handful of vanguard marks. My rep is up but you still need a lot of marks to buy vanguard armor. For me this is grinding at its worst.

iceman061551d ago

@stormswrath...I had just reached level 20 yesterday. After a single strike I reached level 21 with 2 blue armor pieces and 3 blue weapon drops. In the end, it's the luck of the draw I guess. However, it seems like once you get to level 20, you get more blue drop opportunities. I had 1 blue weapon from level 12 all of the way to level 19. Then, they just started flowing in the last couple of days. It can be a bit grindy. But, I like the mechanics so I don't necessarily mind the grind...yet.

ninsigma1551d ago

I get where you're coming from. But when you compare this to normal games that require leveling, it's far less stresfull. A tip for getting those vanguard marks: remember that there is a 100 mark cap per week so no matter how many times you play a stike or whatever you're not going to get past 100. My plan for getting vanguatd marks before i decided to go for dead orbit was to do a daily heroic story which gives you 5 vanguard marks and do 5 level 20 strike playlist rounds per day. Then do whatever I want after that. This minimum gives you 15 marks per day (only need 10 on sunday). If you play it like that you won't feel like it's grinding because you're pacing yourself and not getting frustrated by the lack of progression.

Don't know if that's any use to you but I thought I'd try help you out :)
Believe me I know waiting for randoms can be annoying. Especially on crucible when you're top of the table and the only person to recieve a drop is the worst player lol

ninsigma1551d ago

Where the heck was this guide last week when I was running around the internet with a confused face trying to figure it all out! Very good guide, I recommend it to anyone just about to hit 20. It's got it all :)

n4rc1551d ago

Ya.. Could a used this awhile ago lol

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