PlayTM Reviews GRID

Boomtown editor Paul Newcombe writes:

"It's funny how sometimes it seems like a game has been designed just for you, every feature seemingly tailored to fit with exactly what you want from a game of its type. Race Driver: GRID is just such a game. I have to admit that while I can appreciate the technical marvels that are games like Gran Turismo and Forza, they do tend to leave me a little cold. Their continual struggle to achieve ever increasing levels of realism and overwhelming sense seriousness renders them ever more unexciting in my eyes. While expensive cars are nice to look at, it's the racing I'm interested in, not tweaking a million settings or getting hot and bothered about how accurate the engine sound is."

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TOSgamer3829d ago

3 out of the 4 media outlets that gave MGS4 an 8 are from the UK. A game made by the Japanese about America. All three of these websites also gave Grid a 9 and up. A game by British developers. Basis?