Resident Evil 6 and Breath of Fire Udon art books get release dates and preorder info

The release dates and preorder info are available for the Breath of Fire: Official Complete Works and Resident Evil 6 Artworks books from Udon Entertainment.

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SaffronCurse1428d ago

For a second there thought they were re-releasing res6 on ps4-xbone

luis_spartano1428d ago

Breath of Fire IV is the best RPG I played as of today. That's one of the reasons I hate Capcom: It killed this wonderful RPG series.

Muzikguy1428d ago

They also killed Resident Evil, Onimusha, Dino Crisis, DMC, Mega Man, and many others IMO

Relientk771428d ago

I wish Capcom would make a real Breath of Fire 6, not some lame mobile BS

gantarat1428d ago

my friend have Biohazard 6 Artbook
He say in artbook simmonds tranform like birkin (G 1-5) not T-rex or Fly