Is this Sony's Next (Wii-type) Controller?

Check out this video and decide for yourself!
What's for sure is that we simply cannot wait for E3.

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TheHater3829d ago

Wow, it that simple? Not bad.

Ben10543829d ago

it looks very easy to use and make
i this is much better than the wiimote, because it can be used as a controller aswell
The New SixMotionAxisShock 3

will113829d ago

Lets hope nintendo does not sue sony... i dont want in-game XMB delayed!!!

Ben10543829d ago

i don't fink they could even try to sue Sony, because they controllers are soo different and this one breaks apart.
they would probably make this for PS4, thats if Nintendo or Microsoft don't make it first since there new console are gonna come out before PS4

Doppy3829d ago

I honestly don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing.

iHEARTboobs3829d ago

Yeah, that was pretty simple. SOny should also work on a controller that would be able switch the D-Pad and analog stick with eachother. That way, if you like the positioning of the 360 analogs, you would be able to switch them and have that layout, if you like the way it is now, you can keep it like that. That would be cool.

Tomdc3829d ago

That looks immense!!! Great how they are using the original controller design with such a kool function! I'll wait for news on this... if they do announce it, do they really expect people to buy dualshock 3's?

That controller really exited me! I hope its not a fake! It looks dam realistic tho.

Bleucrunch3829d ago

im buyin it when does it come out.

RememberThe3573828d ago

This all looks cool initially but remember how the sixaxis lead to all those crappy in game gimmicks? The grass is always greener... Think about it...

uie4rhig3828d ago

i already posted this earlier in another n4g article in the comments, look at page 1, comment 1.6:

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Salvadore3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

I have seen this video before, but never actually took into acount that the controller he's looks similar to a Sixaxis/Dualshock 3.

Edit: The company is called In2Games and that is only a prototype Dualshock 2 controller to demonstrate their concept, but who knows?


TheHater3829d ago

Now I remember where I saw the xbox break apart controller. :)
I thought it was a fricken good idea, but MS never did it

jlytle12343829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

nice research. it appears most people seem to think this has something to do with sony or is sony designed or backed. its just some company making controllers that look like the ps3 controller or the xbox controller that break apart and work like the wii. bubbles..

raptor3023829d ago

in2games are working for/with sony
they made those motion-sensing controllers for the ps2
so they are probably working on this break apart controller for the ps3 also.

QuackPot3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

...or poach their creative team. That's what Sony should do with In2Games.

Problem is, they also make peripherals for the wii & xbox. damn


Sony should be taking what these guys/gals have done seriously. They don't need to copy the wiimote exactly.

The snap apart Playmote would be better direction to take as you have the option or sticking with the traditional controller or going all out with two handed motion control.

Next Gen for sure.

RememberThe3573828d ago

Yeah you totally get bubbles for that.

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Silogon3829d ago

I could, maybe, get into this one. It's not a huge departure from what we have now, but it's innovative enough to have merit and could easily appeal to the masses. Not bad, not good, but interesting none the less.

Better than the wiimote by far.

Ashton3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

if it's responsive that is,,,,

and I m happy that it is not a bland rip off of the wii-mote

Vojkan3829d ago

Who ever says that this is wii mote copy has obviously no life, other than going around and hating Sony in this case.
I didnt know Wii mote can break apart, someone inform me if it is possible. Very interesting idea.