Small Arms Embraces Social Gaming on Xbox Live Arcade

Networking with friends reaps new rewards with this highly anticipated Xbox Live Arcade Wednesday release. The frantic multiplayer brawling game "Small Arms" will be available for download on Xbox Live Arcade for Xbox 360 from Wednesday, 22nd November, after 0800 GMT.

Social gaming innovation in Small Arms, which begins with the four developers at Gastronaut Studios, will pass to Xbox Live Arcade gamers from around the world. Small Arms includes a unique social networking Achievement called "Six Degrees of Small Arms" that can only be earned by playing with someone who already has it – and which only the game's creators will possess at launch!

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Funky Town_TX4380d ago

I played the the demo today and I liked it. Can't wait to get home and buy it. Thanksgiving small arms, and some Gear co-op with the family will be sweet. And think, it did not cost me $600.

Waffle-boy4380d ago

THP8 also has this exact same achievement. Kind of pointless, but still nice.