Now You Can Preview Your Guardians Shader In Destiny Using This Awesome Feature

The need for personal customization is a big deal for most gamers in Destiny. With millions of players on the network, gamers are always looking for new ways to stand out from the crowd.

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patelsanjeed1375d ago

Thats amazing, I wonder how they get this to work since it's not like each shader applies itself across every part of the the armor.

3-4-51375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

I would be cool if Eva Levante would stop Hoarding all the good Shaders and release more than 4.

Since release day.....There have been the SAME 4 shaders available.

I have all those.

I would love to get more. I can't, because they aren't available.

I got the ones I had from PvP. 2 are from the ones she has, one is different, but still I wouldn't have been able to get it, if not for PvP.

She should have ALL or most or HALF of the shaders.

* When she changes would be cool if ya know....she ACTUALLY CHANGED STOCK!

One of my only complaints with this otherwise really fun game.

Story is iffy at best as well, gameplay is awesome.

edwardhuff6631375d ago

Yes, this is awesome. Not being able to preview shaders is annoying, since you can pretty much preview everything else.

amyortega1311375d ago

So exactly where do you BUY shaders? I only have two. The one I got from a campaign mission and the blacksmith one from pre-ordering the game.

janetmarrett111375d ago

there is an old lady that sells them in the tower by the left side.

danniellelewis1375d ago

Do we buy Shaders with real money? If not count me out.

The idea is great, my friends and I can pick colors and go into matches looking co-ordinated.

martinezjesus19931375d ago

Or maybe you could save up glimmer and buy them that way?

henrythomas2841375d ago

Its a wonder Bungie didn't add this feature in the first place, since this is something you can do on Halo.

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