The Order: 1886 Dev Defends Destiny: Review Under 8 Is Ludicrous, Deserves More Just For Scope & Art

Bungie's Destiny received mixed response from critics, review score were as low as 6 and many termed it as the "most overhyped and biggest disappointment of 2014". These criticism didn't came as a surprise for many as Bungie, Activision and Sony marketed/advertised the title as the next big thing in FPS genre which will re-write the records in the history book. Did the low review scores for Destiny came as a surprise? YES, for Ready At Dawn Co-founder Andrea Pessino.

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mochachino1553d ago

Probably not a good idea to attach yourself to defending Destiny, especially when people are saying your game may be a bit shallow as well.

That being said, Destiny is worth more than a 6/10 imo

cyclindk1553d ago

Good point, it does somewhat bear that stigma at this point

UltimateMaster1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

This is the bad thing about this generation so far.
Gamers are hating on games, often times without valid reason, giving them extremely low scores like 2/100.

The shear effort of a game like this is not a 2/100. 10/100 is Atari's ET, it gets 10 because it starts. You got games on PC that can't even do that that get higher scores than this, but nobody is playing them.

It is killing the AAA industry. If everyone starts to flip out and review bad scores, we may in fact kill the industry and be forced to play casual mobile games because they would rate bad games a 110/100, even complete micro-transaction scam games.

If you are a REAL gamer, you would be fair and just with your review.
Sadly, trolls, haters and fanboys that are pissed will bash any games they get their hands on.

It is not under 7, it is not a 10 either.
I've played much worst games than this and if this is a 6 or less, then we would really need to re-evaluate previous games, like Halo ODST, which was supposed to be an add-on DLC to Halo 3 but it got changed and was charged as a full game.

MrPink20131553d ago

It also comes across as being nothing more than a spokesman on Sony's behalf. They are a studio working for Sony and we all know Sony bet big on Destiny.

ShinMaster1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

""Deserves More Just For Scope & ART""???

HAHAHAHA! Are they serious?

The graphics may be pretty but it lacks a decent art direction. Its design is bland and generic. Absolutely no personality. Gear is too similar. All weapons look the same. Environments are uninspired. I mean, holy s**, Bungie, you only had 3 classes to work with and you couldn't be any more creative with your designs?
How can a supposedly "epic" game have such an un-epic story with absolutely no memorable characters. 1 area per planet.

....Oh but it's ok, you just gotta buy the DLC, right?

DOMination-1552d ago

Its becaise their own game is probably going to suffer a similar fate.

Nolando1552d ago

@shin master

Totally agree. the COMMERCIALS and hype that bungie and activision made for this game was promising the next mass effect saga story with better borderlands gameplay...

EH! is all I hear about those two aspects.

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RyujiDanma1553d ago

theres nothing wrong with the game, people just got too overhyped, playstation fans thought they were gonna receive the next halo. Great game if u play with friends, but have found it boring when i complete mission on my own

Christopher1553d ago

Has nothing to do with fans of one thing or another. People just wanted a new FPS IP and were hoping that Destiny would be good enough to replace CoD, BF, and Halo. People want another FPS competitor out there.

Been playing Destiny. Been having some fun. Definitely a game that's a lot more fun with others and definitely not a great game. It's a good game, but they really have some issues with it.

Scatpants1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

Other than the lacking story and the fact that the game doesn't seem to have any big action setpieces that people have become used to with AAA FPS series I think the game is great and will only get better. I give it an 8.

Really though they could have done better with the action scenes, like how about a building exploding and you have to race out of it on your sparrow dodging falling debris, that would have been awesome and exciting, but it's just get to a point, activate your ghost, fight waves of enemies, repeat. I hope they have something else in the works because that is going to grow stale very quickly.

Oh and I hope they don't save space battles for the sequel, because that would make the game tons better for me.

tommygunzII1553d ago

Most people expected a Borderlands type game, but everyone had to go see it for themselves.

Alsybub1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )


That's the problem with the expectations people have, they are always basing them on past experiences and therefore on games that have already been done.

It's a good game but I think people tend to be a little bit entitled and spoilt these days and expect the moon on a stick.

I'm not saying that about Destiny, I mean in general. It's the first time that I've ever known devs to change a game in order to pander to gamers. Is that a good thing? It depends on how you look at it. It's great that people can have their voices heard but on the other hand it could also prevent developers from being willing to take risks on original ideas, due to being scared of the community back lash, forcing the original vision of something to be lost because it doesn't fit with outsiders' opinions on what a game should be.

It's like when people say 'it doesn't play like CoD so it isn't good'. Since when has plagiarism been a mark of quality? The problem with this is that the mainstream love CoD and therefore, potentially, have the biggest voice. I don't want them to decide what does and doesn't make a good game! Appealing to the masses doesn't make a game better than one that appeals to a niche audience and all mainstream games began as niche and grew from there.

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3-4-51553d ago

Yea, right Mochachino - it's better to just do whatever everyone else is doing /s.

mochachino1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

Just saying that a developer that's about to release a game that some previews are reporting has great graphics in lieu of exciting/fun gameplay may not want to say a game should be rated higher based on scope and art alone. It just supports the current concerns regarding its own game that perhaps the dev is focusing too much on graphics and not enough on locking down the gameplay.

Lots of games have had great art and innovative ideas that didn't come together to make a good game. Sure they get and E for effort but it doesn't mean they don't deserve a low rating. Destiny is disappointing and bland but the gunplay is really fun with friends - it's no 6/10 imo but anything above 8.5 is pushing it, there's just too many flaws. I'd give it about 7.5 personally.

Scope and art alone are not enough to make a good game, it can certainly contribute towards a great game but fundamentally the game must be fun..and I think Destiny is generally fun with friends (terrible without) and I have every expectation that the Order will be good as well.

But it's hard for anyone to say Destiny's story is good, or the missions aren't repetitive, or it generates interesting social interactions, or the environments are vibrant and interesting, or exploration is vast and rewarding, or requires class based strategy, or it's a deep game, etc. It is a very very flawed game but maintains an addictive quality so long as you or your friends don't tire with it.

TL;DR version:

If a chef in cooking competition attempts to make a 7 course dinner in 45 mins to obliterate the competition that's plated beautifully ok but everything's kinda bland except for a pretty good dipping sauce (gunplay) and some courses taste horrible (story) and the other guy makes a great one course meal, just a meat and two sides that tastes amazing. Who gets an E for effort and who made a 5 star dinner?

tgunzz1553d ago

They better just focus on making The Order the best it can be. It's not mainly about visuals (I mean scope, and art)....

VealParmHero1552d ago

first thing i thought...maybe he is worried about the same fate? idk i still like destiny, and have all intentions on buying the order, for now.

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markyboy21811553d ago

yea i think there hiding summit now maybe the order wont live up to its hype either :(

Dark111553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

The order doesn't even have a hype to live up to
the game is getting mixed impressions from almost every site out there.

joselito66991553d ago

The order looks good, but if it lacks story then its going to suck since it probably won't have competitive multiplayer for example battlefield 3 and 4, what made those games great was multiplayer...single player was mediocre at best

Patrick_pk441553d ago

Because Battlefield focuses on MP and not SP, however, it is the opposite for Ready at Dawn.