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James writes - "When a hugely successful developer like Bungie (you know, the Halo creators) takes on a new project it’s only natural for the expectations to be high. Will this interstellar game, Destiny, rock our world?"

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CaspuR1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

smh....what about this game is a 4/5? i swear these reviewers remind me of lenient teachers " Bungie you fail to deliiever on story, endgame, lore, smart a.i, interactable npcs, dynamic worlds, writing, voice acting, and bosses, but since you tried your VERY best ill give you an A for effort."

1526d ago
Perjoss1526d ago

we cant all like the same things, some people love this game, get over it.

Xi_Unborn_iX1526d ago

you must been a victim at the crucible lmao

CaspuR1526d ago

@ Uniborn

my k/d is a 2.1, not like thats anything special, considering how overpowered the hunters subclass special is.

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neil3631526d ago

From a personal point of view, I'd give it a 4.

Yes the story is near on non-existant and the repetition is a little over powering but it's by no means a 'bad' fact I've had a fair bit of fun out of it.

Certainly not as bad as many are making out.

CaspuR1526d ago

ohh i agreed with your comment because i thought you meant 4 out of 10.