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COG writes - 2014’s most anticipated release to date has finally hit consoles. While Destiny may not be the holy grail of gaming a lot of people expected it still stands out as one of the best offerings on consoles we’ve seen in a long time.


The first commenter made a very good point. The intent was not to incite any sort of hatred or call anyone out, just a snappy title kind of making fun. Still, in the spirit of keeping things friendly you'll notice that the title has been changed on the site. Thanks for the respectful comment TheJacksonRGN!

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TheJacksonRGN1371d ago

I have yet to see a review saying the game is bad. The lowest I've seen is a 6 which is not a bad score it's an okay score. Regardless calling out other reviewers for a different opinion on a game you like is rather unprofessional. You sound like the hateful people on the internet who make those type of comments on gaming sites.

I agree Destiny isn't a bad game so far but it isn't a great game in my opinion just a fun one and I had low expectations for it. If I was the one tasked with reviewing it for my site I wouldn't call out those who don't like it or those who love it as much as you do, just because I disagree.

Good review, bad title.

aksmashh1371d ago

6 is a bad score

If critics were as harsh with every game as destiny there would be very few 8 and 9s (which I would prefer)

NewMonday1371d ago

there is no denying some big traffic websites are trolling the game for not getting special treatment.

you can say the mixed positive and average review is how most AAA games would look like if they didn't give special treatment to games media sites, it actually how it used to be before the 360/PS3 generation.

as a rule it should be a break of integrity if websites get advanced review copies before the masses, every game and publisher should be on equal footing, gamers will get to have a deeper look at games and discover things they wouldn't have before because they didn't get all 8s and 9s across the media.

Einhert1371d ago

You people must really be deluded and only see the score scale as being 5 - 10....

funny enough it runs from 1 right through to 10...

5 being AVERAGE means Destiny is an above Average good game with a score like 6/10.

Sorry but the other reviews back their points up very well.

Are you going to tell me GiantBomb is wrong in their critique?

Sashamaz1371d ago (Edited 1371d ago )

I have a feeling a lot of the Destiny hate is just trend, some critiques hate it and that has affected other in wiring their reviews, no one want to be the outlier that gives the game high score probably because they know they will be judged, ridiculed and accused of being paid.

wsoutlaw871371d ago

60 is the bare minimum you will see for a AAA title pretty much everywhere. That makes it a very bad score. To think ghost is rated 2+points higher at places like gamespot is a joke.

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iNFAMOUZ11371d ago

that aint a bad title, man you a joker

inf3cted11371d ago (Edited 1371d ago )

You must not understand how most gamers rate titles.

0 to 60% - Very Bad game / fail game not worth buying
60 to 70% - Bad game
70 to 80% - Meh game might buy / rent
80% to 90% - Good game
90% to 100% - OMG GOTY MUST BUY NAO

masterfox1371d ago

past COD games and halos are "OMG GOTY MUST BUY NAO" ?, get out of here!!!

inf3cted11371d ago (Edited 1371d ago )

Just because the game is high rated doesnt mean its good.

Halo is a good game though. Wish I could say the same about Killzone Shadowfail :D

Potnoodle9991371d ago

Actually I would say that's how REVIEWERS rate titles. Honestly when was the last time you saw a game getting 3, 4 or 5 out of 10. 6 is less rare but the last I can remember is ryse.
Frankly now that I think about it I always just use 60-100% as the full review scale because the whole industry does the same. Just seems normal to me now, and the reviewers arent ever going to stop doing it en mass so I may as well role with it. :)

thejigisup1371d ago

Definitely a terrible title, the reviewers aren't shilling anything I'm aware of, however they must be drinking some haterade. A 6/10 is a terrible score. With simple maths 60% that's not a passing grade by any standards. Not only are the reviews harsh they often don't really reflect the quality of the game. I would give this game a near perfect score myself with the only missed marks being the delivery of the story. That being said its still too early to speak on what the game will be offering in the coming weeks , months, years. I'm having a blast and look forward to what's next.

Scatpants1371d ago

A 6 is about as low as most games get unless they are broken and terrible.

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Meltic1371d ago (Edited 1371d ago )

Destiny should have been a social game. But how can it be social if you cant even talk with ur friends while playing, only Before playing , and there is no chat .... I must go out from my game into my ps profil and write to my friends. Thats crazy..

BiggCMan1371d ago

I feel like PS3 is probably the worst place to play this game, strictly for that reason.

On every other platform, you can simply use the party chat feature which PS3 was never able to receive. Bungie has no excuses, the game got lazy when it came to social aspects.

No text chat in the Tower is a big no-no. No proximity chat in the Tower or while exploring the world? Dafuq Bungie.

That's why I keep telling people this game is no MMO, even though it tries too hard to be one. It is without a doubt, a simple shooter with the illusion of MMO features.

TRD4L1fe1371d ago

well on XB1 theres party chat and all i have to do is invite my friends to my chat and i can talk to them regardless of what im doing in Destiny

thejigisup1371d ago (Edited 1371d ago )

Use a headset, not only are they cheap but the ps4 comes with one. The chat and party system is functional albeit a little cumbersome. I for one take advantage of my friends list and party chat available on the console.

Meltic1371d ago

lol you cant talk in headsets while playing only Before playing

wsoutlaw871371d ago

Im pretty sure you just have to invite them to your fireteam to chat so I dont know what you are talking about. I use the ps party system anyways though.

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A six is horrible for a game of this caliber. This game is a strong 8 or 8.5, people are definitely hating.

CaspuR1371d ago

its not an 8, noooo way is this an 8, a game cant get an 8 on presentation alone

BiggerBoss1371d ago

What would you score it then? IMO, If cod ghosts can get an 8, the Destiny should definitely be able to

skydragoonity1371d ago

My personal rating for Destiny after 50+ hours of gameplay: 8/10

kneon1371d ago

I think scores of 7's and 8's are about right. It's not a bad game, but it's not a great game either.

BattleTorn1371d ago

I'm loving it. It opens up after you hit rank 20.

I'm surprised people hate it. I've hit lvl20 and I still haven't done every story mission.

Volkama1371d ago

What changes at 20? I am only 8 or 9 and still working through the story but I am already fed up of the patrols.

Are there actually new activities at 20, or do you just grind through strikes and crucible?

BiggCMan1371d ago

You just grind through strikes and crucible basically. There's technically nothing new once you get to level 20, except you can just do harder, more intense versions of all the strikes. And they believe that is a sufficient amount of content when it definitely is not. People that say it opens up at 20 are not really correct, because you're still doing the same stuff. You're just getting better equipment this time around.

CaspuR1371d ago (Edited 1371d ago )

nothing changes at level 20, im level 24 and im still doing the devils lair on a higher difficulty.....these people are experiencing buyers remorse, due to the fact they probably spent a 100$ on the game and theres nothing else currently to play

Volkama1371d ago (Edited 1371d ago )

OK, thanks. That's a bit of a shame for me.

The strikes in co-op are probably great fun, but the meta-game to drive you to repeat them doesn't seem to be fleshed out or motivating.

The crucible just feels like a lesser version of Halo, which might be OK if the Halo collection wasn't landing in November. The kill times, map layouts, and balance are better in Halo and the Halo 2 ranking system provides a more compelling reason to play than Destiny's loot.

I think Bungie need to deliver something quite thrilling in these first 2 expansions to convince me that it is worth sticking with.

BattleTorn1371d ago (Edited 1371d ago )

At level 20,

You unlock armour shaders
You unlock the vanguard strike playlist (around lvl18)
You unlock the daily & weekly challenges (& rewards)

You unlock the Faction vendors, and their faction-specific class items that allows the XP you earn while wearing them to earn you Reputation within that Faction.

Also, you now earn legendary armors that contain "Light" - the key to rising your level past 20.
By now, you've probably started accumulating your first Strange Coins and Motes of Light - both which are used to purchase Legendary armors/weapons.

LOL. Correction: *you* are experiencing buyers remorse.

shinrock1371d ago

No there not. Same ol same ol.

BattleTorn1371d ago (Edited 1371d ago )

I forgot to make the distinction between Legendary and Exotic weapons/armors.

In my comment above, the second use of Legendary should read Exotic.

There is a difference.

wsoutlaw871371d ago

I level up and never do patroles, just the story missions. I do play the occasional pvp though.

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Zero-One1371d ago

So there following the 'Final Fantasy XIII' rule then. It only gets slightly below-average +25 hours in.

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