Tecmo Tells Itagaki To Keep Mouth Shut

It looks as though things are definately heating up at Tecmo Headquaters and by heating up, we mean getting dirty! In another twist to the Team Ninja saga, Tecmo representatives have thrown a provisional disposition order towards Tomonobu Itagaki, which now forces the head of Team Ninja to keep his mouth shut and bans him from speaking to the media. Hit jump for the full details.

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TheHater3835d ago

oh, What the hell went on at Tecmo for all of this to happen. Is there something we don't know about.

HowarthsNJ3835d ago

There's a DVD that comes with it showing behind the scenes at TN. Very revealing IMO.

Tetsuryu3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

It was nothing out of the ordinary. The DVD was itself was mostly centered around Hayashi rather than the actual development of the title.

Silogon3835d ago

I'm taking Itagaki's side on this whole thing. He's not only a big enough prick that this won't phase him, but I think he's also in the right.

Elginer3835d ago

some serious damage control...HARD MAN, you know there pooper is in deep.

juuken3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

Ho' snap.

Um...Tecmo, why do I have a bad feeling that you really shafted Itagaki and his fellow merry men out of bonuses? As much as I don't like Itagaki...if this is true, then Tecmo, you should honestly pay up.

*looks at website* Heh.

Bnet3433835d ago

Itagaki is a prick yes, but no one deserves to be shafted out of money they have earned and work for especially for making great games that sold considerably well. That's just phucked up on Tecmo's side.

meepmoopmeep3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

i agree, i don't like itagaki but if he is suppose to get the bonus then tecmo should pay up. they lost it huge on this one and might not recover (as a company) from the fallout.

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The story is too old to be commented.