Industry Reactions To Microsoft Buying Mojang

The Games Cabin writes - "Microsoft's confirmed the deal with Mojang, Minecraft is now the property of Microsoft. Reactions around the world are varying with fans of the hit game worried that Microsoft may not support their chosen console or device, (they will,) and others pondering what Microsoft has in store for the developer and their cherished product.

Then we have industry professionals weighing in on Twitter, some with tweets of amazement, shock and some just plain out trolling."

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Ryan7411548d ago

Yeah he was on fire, really funny stuff.

avengers19781548d ago

I just don't get why mine craft has been so popular, but I do know that once something has peaked(as mine craft has) then there's no place to go but down.

I guess there gonna be investing in a Minecraft 2?

Hardcore_gamerxbox1548d ago

My word for kaz at least Microsoft earning money more than your company and they can afford buy companies and kaz company have to sell their building to make some money

edwick1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

/ it's a fake account. it even says it's a parody account... but you should read it, it's funny.

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Eddie201011548d ago

The Kazhirai account is fake for those not smart enough to know.

ScaryMonkey1548d ago

Yeah a fake one, I like how they had no problems posting that to try and stir up trouble.

Einhert1548d ago

I was in tears reading that, currently typing on Windows 8 so I fully understand LOL!

3-4-51548d ago

I'm pretty sure Phil Spencer WON'T Allow them to Rare Mojang.

memots1547d ago

So where are the comments I didn't buy a 500$ machine to play indies .

geddesmond1548d ago

Lol that tweet was funny. I have no idea what you do in minecraft as I never played the game nor will I ever because it looks bad to me but if Minecraft 2 releases as X1 exclusive it may help MS move a lot of console

warczar1547d ago

They want mojang for there cell phone division, gamers who prefer a real controller to a glass one should hold there breath.

LightDiego1547d ago

This guy is a genius, lol.

UltraNova1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

@EeJLP in the bad boys section above ;-)

By funding 10-20 new games they have 10-20 more chances of not making their money back. That right there is a huge risk no shareholder would ever approve.

Now, spending all that money on one company with one huge IP that already sold 50,000,000 copies while released on everything with a screen, minimizes the risk to very very acceptable levels.

Do I have to even mention that out of those 50 million people who bought the 1st game a fair estimate of 30-40mill of them will buy Minecraft 2?

Add the new people to the franchise if marketed well and MS can make their money back just from the game its self. But wait...

Yes, there’s more... Minecraft has enormous merchandise and movie potential. Its effectively the digital Lego, it has limitless potential if exploited the right way that's easily a billion in revenue considering a good movie adaptation can reel in anywhere from 300 to 600 million globally don't forget all that merchandise as well...

I’d never thought I’d say this but well done MS, this is what I call hitting the jackpot.

mixolydian_id1547d ago

Some people here need to check out google X... and see just where their Andriod purchase profit is being invested :3

At least they bought something feasible.

Imagine if Minecraft was to replace Solitaire.... MINDBLOWN!
To back that up, Intel integrate graphics into chips and most consumer based PC's ship with 4Gb's+ ram.

Windows 9 inclusive... possibly? Cloud servers? DX12 to endorse the updated version?

It could actually be the funniest undertaking ever conceded

UltraNova1547d ago

Yeah but traditionally windows preloaded games are extremely casual the 'play for few minutes and go' type if you want just like minesweeper and solitaire, its hard to imagine a game like Minecraft (a game that you have to invest considerable time to really enjoy) in that fashion. Of course, choice is good as always...

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Mikelarry1548d ago

lol at the title.. industry reactions list 3 people and one fake account

christocolus1548d ago

Lol. The author is looking for clicks and that kaz hirai account is fake. The guy trolls a lot on twitter also who are the other guys listed there? If the author was genuine he would have taken feedback from notchs/mojang official twitter page. The reaction from fans and devs have been positive.

MeliMel1548d ago


Bub for funny.

WeAreLegion1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

Most reactions have been positive from the industry and gamers.

Edit: I've been on Reddit all morning. /r/Gaming /r/Minecraft and several others have fairly positive reactions.

christocolus1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

We are legion is right, I've been on reddit for the past 3hours. Funny thing is the reaction as a result of the mojang aquisition has been surprisingly positive in all the subreddit forums . Gamers in the Xbx,pc and ps4 subreddit forums are all reacting positively to the news. The most complaints i saw were from a few guys over at the ps4 sub reddit forums but even then no one is making any fuss about it. I think this news is seen as a positive one across the industry.

xx4xx1548d ago

.... and that's the difference between this site and Reddit and other sites. There is so much negativity and fanboyism on this site compared to others. There is no community or helpful posts. It's just clickbait and arguments.

warczar1547d ago

Or the sites you mentioned have fanboys you agree with. Fact is, most of the negativity is started by journalist and we just add fuel to the fire. After this whole destiny review debacle I think I'm swearing off internet journalism, I'll stick to game informer since it's the last mag on the planet.

chasegarcia1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

Microsoft got ripped off. This is similar to the Beats deal. Paying lots of money for an ok product at best because it is popular with the younger generation. I would rather have them innovate and compete but, clearly they don' want to do that.

-This is a billion dollar marketing buyout.

Joe9131548d ago

The beats deal was more for the people behind beats not for the hardware but in this case I think the main people are leaving the company so it is in no way like the beats deal.

dcbronco1548d ago

I wouldn't compare this to the Beats deal. This is just stupid and shows a lack of consistency from the new Microsoft leadership. Not necessarily Phil, but the very top. Beats was clearly in Apple's wheelhouse and is an expansion of what they do. Attaching the Beats name to all Apple devices only increases the "in" value of those devices.

This deal from Microsoft is buying a potential one trick pony for way too much for a part of your company you are only sort of supportive of. A decision based on potential other avenues of revenue that you recently made clear you thought were inappropriate for Microsoft by killing the part of the company that would be used for these new revenue streams. I assume they plan to hire a studio to make these movies. Or is the plan to spread the remnants of the one they closed a little thinner. Hey, or hire some more people to help them out in a quasi new studio thing.

THIS smells of desperation. Not the cologne ad marketing picture. This. That is a ton of money that could have been better spent making new games. Or a fifty dollar price drop. Wait, is this how code once across all platforms is going to work. Buy a popular game and have Apple and Sony sell it for you. This weak. And it is shows a lack of faith in your personnel. And your product. Microsoft really needs to clarify their position on Xbox. I haven't bought an Xbox One yet but had planned to. They need to tell me something to make me believe I'm not going to be wasting my money.

NeoGamer2321548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

$2.5 bln is nothing for MS... And it is a deal for MS to buy them at this cost.

$2.5 bln looks like a lot, but it isn't when it comes to the potential opportunities with Minecraft.

As for the innovating part. MS is already investing in new IPs... Scalebound, Screamride, Quantum Break, etc and announced 6 new studios recently... And they are supporting their core IPs... Gears, Halo, Fable, Kinect Sports, etc.... So, why can't they also buy existing IPs?

I just don't get it... Why can't they acquire, build, and create? Why do they have to only create IPs?

Fkhalf161548d ago

everybody just likes the hate on MS nowadays ever since last year.

spacedelete1548d ago

they could have invested in making the Xbox One more powerful yet waste the same amount of money the Halo franchise has made altogether on one game with pixel graphics. they value Minecraft more than their own console and their flagship brand for Minecraft which is already on every console including PS4. Xbox fanboys have nothing to brag about.

dcbronco1548d ago

They can absolutely acquire new developers. I just don't like overpaying for what will most likely be a one trick pony. Hoping that things the new CEO has distanced himself from already. Maybe this is an attempt to instill the Microsoft brand into the brains of children with lunchboxes and Saturday morning cartoons, but right now it looks like a waste. If they are playing the long game with Xbox Nadella needs to say that at conference calls. Not try to please stockholders. Though wall street and most stockholders are probably stupid enough to think this is a good deal. Nadella needs to come out and say what the intended direction is with this move. You can't win by following.

jrshankill1547d ago

This is why it is impossible to have a healthy debate with Sony Ponies :

The amount of gushing.. "heads exploding" and circle-jerking is downright embarrassing.

mixolydian_id1547d ago

I really don't think this decision is actually that relative to consoles. I mean it's already 'there' and flourishing.

Im starting to think this'll be more of a Windows based purchase ;)
Windows 9... now ships with [email protected] indies, Minecraft, 64bit APU's or Intel based SoC's... enough ram to boot... Azure cloud endorsement between DX12 compatiable tablets/phones/laptops etc.

2.5billion... for extending a historical games lifespan and bringing it to not just more people... but EVERYONE!

Minecraft HAD run it's course before it was bought... Minecraft will now probably be retired in a decade thanks to Microsoft... not until it's user base has grown exponentially and become a true household name.

MS have a lot more to offer (besides $) then any other company in their compeition.

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Alsybub1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

Usually such high prices are paid to ensure that no one else will buy the company. Not because it is actually worth that.

It's such a competitive area that if they weren't to put in a massive bid then another company could swoop in and take it.

pinkcrocodile751548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

How did this get approved, the article is ridiculous.

I'm not a fan of Minecraft, it's just not my thing however I think Microsoft has been clear over it's plans in the short term and we can either take the news at face value or moan and gossip, which does nothing bar increase some users blood pressure.

Either way, who do I speak to about getting the few mintues of my life it took me to read the article back?

Dudebro901548d ago

You must never go to parties.

MeliMel1548d ago

You probably get tossed out of most parties.

Aquariusgamer1548d ago

Maybe he likes to throw parties?

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pinkcrocodile751547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

Rules of party etiquette.

1. Invite people you like!
2. If @wastedcells offers you a cocktail then immediately check the front of his jeans for white stains before consuming.

On Topic

I've just read most of the comments posted over night and it's ridiculous!

Microsoft bought a studio and it's IP'sWhats the problem? Sony made it's name by buying up a lot of studios and using their IP's, not decades later and you'd think they were always Sony's.

What really is the BIG DEAL? I mean really!

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