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"Chances are you’ve already passed judgement on Destiny, whether you’ve played it or not. With a game of such massive scope, it is understandable. We’ve been inundated with Destiny information for the last year and it’s been hard not to either hop on the hype train at full steam, or completely hate Bungie for building the hype to near unmanageable levels, depending on which side of the fence you fall on. Now that I’ve had a chance to sufficiently explore the game for myself, I’ve finally been able to come to my own conclusions on just what kind of game Destiny is." - PSLS

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anemraz1401d ago

Good review. Looks like a lot of people got caught up in the hype.

CowbopBeboy1401d ago

That's pretty on the mark.

acharlez1401d ago

Solid review. It's all about how Bungie supports it in the long term.

knifefight1401d ago

I think I'm waiting for just a little more content and a GotY Edition.