Destiny Review-In-Progress Video Part 1: Becoming Legend & Is It Really Boring? | Short Pause

The first of a series of videos from the Short Pause staff and their impressions of Bungie's always online sci-fi shooter, Destiny. Click to watch the video!

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tazmeah1220d ago

I wish Destiny could alternate between 1st and 3rd person. It reminds me a lot of Mass Effect - which I love - but Mass Effect is 3rd person. 1st person games make me feel dizzy to the point of vomiting, so I'll sadly never give this game a chance. I can't even watch a video for too long.

Why is it so difficult to add that functionality into all games? Racing games do it all the time.

TheDude791220d ago

That definitely stinks you can't play FPS games due to motion sickness. It's even more strange that Destiny doesn't feature that option considering you're in a third-person view while your roaming around the Tower :-/