50 Questions That Will Haunt You After Playing Destiny

EGMR writes: "If you’ve been alive today you may have seen my mixed Destiny review that went live this morning. It’s been that kind of story with the game’s reception, and it’s yet another frustrating lesson in overhype for gamers and media. I suppose a lesson will only be learned once EA fixes Battlefield 4, but I digress. In the aftermath of the Destiny reception I, and I’m sure many others as well, have a nagging number of questions about the game burning through our heads. And flying out the back of our skulls.

To that end I summon you, dear readers, to help me answer these brain-churning conundrums and help me understand why Destiny has failed to come anywhere close to matching all of its hype. I therefore present to you the ultimate list of questions about Destiny, with puns totally not intended."

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Baccra171377d ago

Good questions, I had quite a few of those myself.

Tex1171377d ago

Hehe, so many of these are dead on.

AgentSmithPS41377d ago

Lol I was going to write something like that but like they do in movies where people go nuts, or games like left 4 dead 2, "why did I buy this game?" written over and over 50 times.
/s Just joking in case Destiny is your child :P.

Godmars2901377d ago

"Why recruit one of the most talented performers this year and resign him to mediocrity?"

Brand appeal and general market recognition.

"Why did one of the only characters not have time to explain why she didn’t have time?"

Why did she then explain something else - NO TIME TO EXPLAIN!

You know what? For all the rest just insert "lazy writing".

kurruptor1377d ago

Amazing he went through all of the content in one weekend. Riiiiiight.

Tody_ZA1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

I played Destiny for well over 30 hours.

Yes, you can see all of what the game has to offer by 20 hours already, unless you're considering more difficult versions of missions you've played multiple times before (level 26 Strikes etc) as 'new' content. To summarise, the story can be completed in 10 hours (I've seen people say 6-8 hours even), there are 5 online modes (two of which are the same, since Skirmish is 3v3 team deathmatch and Clash is 6v6) and there are maybe 5 or so Strike missions that you'll be repeating constantly by the end of the game, so you can easily experience/sample everything in a matter of days.

kurruptor1376d ago

I'm talking about the raid that was only released yesterday.

There are also events that they will be doing every week/month.

This is an evolving game. You haven't seen everything.

I find it funny that someone plays the game for 20-30 hours in a few days, but then say you don't like it. It must have been so horrible that you could only play it for 10 hours a day.

Tody_ZA1376d ago

Please quote me where I said I dislike Destiny. Was I disappointed by it? Yes. Doesn't mean I didn't like it, didn't find merit in it or didn't enjoy playing it.

A review is concerned with launch; what you are getting for that initial purchasing decision. The first investment is the most important, because it concerns actually buying the game. A review cannot be done based on uncertain, future content, or the hope that things will get better. There is a reason some reviews, like mine, advise a 'wait and see' approach for this game for those who don't have friends to play with or aren't certain of competitive MP investment. That is a fair piece of advice.

That said we, and I'm sure many other sites, will be taking future looks at this game in the weeks/months ahead because it will be an ongoing process. So as far as the review was concerned, I saw everything that was available when buying at launch. The raid released yesterday does not factor into that, because it was not what you were getting when you made the initial purchasing decision (my review was done on the 15th)

So, future looks will be given.

If you want to take mixed scores as an indication of hate or dislike that's up to you, but you're off the mark a bit.

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