Yes, we’re being bought by Microsoft

Mojang :

Yes, the deal is real. Mojang is being bought by Microsoft.

It was reassuring to see how many of your opinions mirrored those of the Mojangstas when we heard the news. Change is scary, and this is a big change for all of us. It’s going to be good though. Everything is going to be OK. <3

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WeAreLegion1407d ago

I'm surprised most people on the Minecraft subreddit seem to be cautiously optimistic about this. I'm not, but the backlash doesn't seem to be as great as it could have been. That's the best response you can hope for in a situation like this, I think.

Enemy1407d ago

The backlash isn't great because no one really cares.

WeAreLegion1406d ago (Edited 1406d ago )

What do you mean? Many people care. They're just remaining optimistic. Linux users are concerned because they weren't even mentioned in the press release. Nintendo users should be concerned because they'll probably never see Minecraft on their systems now.

People definitely care.

I know many of the users here think they're "above" Minecraft, but this is something that could affect a great portion of the Minecraft community.

Evilsnuggle1406d ago (Edited 1406d ago )

Minecraft purchase will have no effect on game consoles, phones or tablets sales. I don't think Microsoft is that stupid to think that it would. The minecraft brand could be profitable for Microsoft if they use it right out side of gaming. Like Entertainment movies and TV and selling minecraft products.

URNightmare1406d ago

I already deleted the Minecraft demo from my PS4. I'm allergic to anything Microsoft related.

Dirtnapstor1406d ago


Too bad, you're missing out on a fun unique experience.

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equal_youth1407d ago

notch seems to have the benefit of the people but in my opinion that is really short sided.

ForgottenProphecy1407d ago

I'm very nervous about what Microsoft is going to do to Minecraft, especially with the three key people at Mojang gone.

ElementX1406d ago (Edited 1406d ago )

Jens Bergensten has been lead developer for ages now. Notch really hasn't done anything with the game in at least a year.

ForgottenProphecy1406d ago

@ElementX yes, he hasn't been working on Minecraft recently, but I think Carl and Jakob still worked on Minecraft, plus I think Microsoft is taking Colbalt and Scrolls from Notch too

headwing451406d ago

I fail to understand what this deal means... I mean, Minecraft is already on everything and I believe Notch still has most of the rights to Minecraft (if I'm not mistaking) so what exactly was the point of this deal?

Elit3Nick1406d ago

The point of this transaction is to transfer rights to Microsoft... But anyways this is more to put Mojang under strong leadership, since Notch wanted to go back to a more quiet life, he even said that if his next projects go big he'll abandon them immediately

ipach1406d ago

um. how about, say, minecraft 2?

1406d ago
headwing451406d ago


That's like saying World of Warcraft 2... Can you really just make a sequel to Minecraft? I guess you can but considering what Minecraft is I feel like it would just be pointless

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Dlacy13g1406d ago

Backlash is minimal because EVERYONE involved in this deal said that all versions are going to continue to get support so really there is no reason to be upset with this news.

MasterCornholio1406d ago

Does that confirm future versions?

Like will Minecraft 2 on the PS4 exist?

That's mainly what I'm worried about because I recently downloaded the demo and I find the game quite interesting. I need to play a little bit more and of I like it I'll get a physical copy of it whenever that comes out.

Dlacy13g1406d ago

@MasterCornholio no doubt a future sequel or "next game" most certainly would be exclusive to their platforms however the core Minecraft game as it stands will be un-affected and given how big it already is in its scope and game play I doubt many are feeling their are needing a sequel right away. I could be wrong but that was my sense of the situation.

breakpad1406d ago

and what will happem with the minecraft on ps4?? it will be supported ?

strangeaeon1406d ago

Not nearly as much backlash as say, Microsoft buys Naughty Dog.

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Clown_Syndr0me1407d ago

Read it but still a little confused.
Lets say in a year there is a huge update to Minecraft, would the PS4 version still get it or will it be forgotten and left in the past?

TheRedButterfly1407d ago

Not sure how you could be confused...

"There’s no reason for the development, sales, and support of the PC/Mac, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, Vita, iOS, and Android versions of Minecraft to stop."

uth111406d ago

That doesn't mean they'll put in a great effort to non-MS platforms.

Look at all the problems Skype has on non-MS platforms, that they never fix.

FarEastOrient1406d ago (Edited 1406d ago )


That's what Microsoft said about Rare, there's going to be great games from them. So far I haven't seen anything as good as the N64 days from that studio.

vallencer1406d ago (Edited 1406d ago )

All the other versions will remain available and I'm sure still updated. Think of it as a licensing thing for Sonys platforms. Kind of how microsoft pays royalties to Sony for bluray. I'm sure the same will be done here. Or it won't be a royalty system and Microsoft will just allow it haha. But then again microsoft likes money.

Death1406d ago

Microsoft and Sony both pay royalties to the Blu-ray Disc Association. Those royalties are then distributed to the companies in the associtation. Each company has a different percentage at stake in the format so royalties are divided up based on the amount each company holds. Last I read Sony had just under 30% in the format. If each disc pressed gets 2 cents in royalties, 30% of that would go to Sony.

Both companies pay royaties due to patents they hold that are used in each companies products. If Microsoft does indeed buy Mojang, it will be an additional source of revenue for the company. Microsoft is buying Mojang, not Xbox.

gameDevWannaBe1407d ago

Are they greatest one hit wonders ever?

I feel sorry that ps4 players can't play MineCraft 2.

I have a pc so I might have the option but also I hate the game lol

Thehyph1406d ago

It is foolish to think that any sequels won't be available on every platform. The real value in this deal is not to sell Xbox consoles. The real value is the same reason the happy meal exists: establish brand recognition and loyalty as early as you can. Disney and McDonald's perfected this idea decades ago, and it's one of the hardest things to do as a business.

Make no mistake, they want every child in the world to get their hands on Minecraft.

skydragoonity1407d ago

Another day at m$ office nothing new here

Godmars2901406d ago

It is when they do something in regards to the gaming division, that has nothing to do with the gaming division.

Macdaddy711406d ago

Well we know it's gone from anything MS name not on!!! But it's also called business can't blame MS for buying them, if you do let's blame Sony for Not buying them!!!!
To say no one cares is a lie!!!! They a lot of gamers playing it on something that has to do with Sony...

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