Intel: there are 711 million PC gamers in the world

According to Intel, there are currently 711 million PC gamers in the world, which works out as one in every ten people on the planet. In addition, the desktop is “alive and well” with innovation thriving in all form factors.

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NovusTerminus1524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

Intel, leave the math to your processors. Loading Facebook games doesn't count. There are allot of PC gamers out there, but counting every PC as a gamer can't be right.

na-no-nai1524d ago

Cant that also be said about mobile phone users but apparently the mobile phones are killing dedicated handheld markets. Just saying

extermin8or1523d ago

Just because apple claims they are killing handheld gaming by counting every iphone etc as a gaming device doesn't mean this is the case. The actual handheld gaming market really hasn't changed all that much in size. People don;t buy a phone just to play games the fact it cn play some games is a plus. People buy a 3DS or vita etc just to buy games hence they are items that count for handheld gaming market and 3DS has a similar sized install base to its predecessors at this point in their life cycle.

Magicite1523d ago

By gamers they mean PC users who are able to play certain games? Or people who have dedicated gaming rigs and spend money on retail or digital games?

kevnb1523d ago

It all counts, otherwise while we are at it why don't we stop counting people who only play call of duty

FsterThnFTL1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

Sounds about right. But how many of them have PCs better than a PS4 or an Xbox One is the bigger question, those are the real PC Gamers.

RamboRabbi1523d ago

Real PC gamers just play on PC rather than any other platform, hardware specs have little to do with PC gaming as a whole. The majority of PC gamers play games like LoL, Starcraft, Dota and CS on mid end hardware due to them not being able to afford a high end rig so stating that only people with hardware specs better than the next gen consoles are true PC gamers is very naive. PC elitist trolls are what give the impression that everybody can afford high end rigs when in actual fact "real PC gamers" play on what they can afford.

boneso821523d ago

I agree with most of what you said RamboRabbi but...

To say the "majority" of PC gamers play games like LoL, Starcraft, Dota and CS, is just as naive as thinking all PC owners are PC gamers or all PC gamers own rigs that are better than PS4/XBONE.

Just to let you know "majority" means more than half...

GundalfDeGrej1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

You don't need a PC more powerful than a console in order to be a "real" PC gamer. Some of the most played games out there aren't that demanding. Take Dota 2 or CS:GO for example.

Edit: Rambo beat me to it :)

I'd say steam stats is the best way to show how big PC gaming really is. This Sunday there were close to 7.5 million users online at the same time and it's pretty safe to say that all of these people are PC gamers.

Dante811523d ago

Mid-range PCs are not astronomically expensive, breh, and they blow away both consoles. Still, this number is definitely padded by the unwashed MOBA masses.

kingduqc1523d ago

A shit ton would be the correct number. Go look hoe many gpu amd and nvidia sell each quarter. It's about the total next gen console base. Not all those are faster but 80% of their gpu lineup is...

700p1523d ago

Anyone that plays any type of game on a a pc gamer.

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jeeves861523d ago

I think I would label this as 'one in every 10 people owns a pc powerful enough to game on.' Which doesn't really say much, considering that there are some insanely popular games whose specs don't require a lot of horsepower. Talking about more than just browser games, too.

Metallox1523d ago

Well, I would think that a good portion of that quantity is on platforms like Facebook, they don't buy games that are available in Steam, for example.

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