3 reasons why Destiny fails to deliver

When Destiny was first announced, the gaming community gasped with excitement. Yet here we are a week since its release thinking what went wrong. Let’s have a quick look at 3 reasons on how Destiny failed to live up to its hype.

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BootyBandit1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

The media.
The detractors (I'm being nice) that were under selling the game before a hint of gameplay was even shown.
Bungie went multiplat.

Destiny is an underrated and appreciated game and quite frankly they deserve better than this. It's a lot better (not the best) game than most outlets are giving it credit for. I know roughly 40 guys that picked up Destiny and every single one of them are thoroughly enjoying the game. Most of them don't even read reviews and when I told them about some of the reviews they responded, "that's why I don't read them." No lie.

I was one of those guys that felt the game was wearing thin on me but a few of my friends, that were several levels above me, kept telling me wait until you reach our level. The game gets better and better. They're right. I think most of the backlash from the media is because of how Bungie / Activision handled the reviews. So the media was jaded as usual when they are not treated like kings.

Destiny is a really good game and shows potential for the future. My only complaint is I wish it was more story driven but it's not a reason to give a game this polished a 6 or lower rating.

This is turning out to be the generation of the media hyping games through the roof with over the top sensationalist headlines and expectations to get hits. Than they are either overly harsh or overly forgiven, again for hits. Than write countless articles about why these games did or did not live up to the hype.

I am at a point where I barely read anything from any media outlet. I rely heavily on video interviews and direct presentations from the developers. Or some user reviews from a select few outlets. Very select few.

Ares84HU1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

The media and some fanboys hate it because Bungie went multiplatform. They just can handle it and this is the result.

While I agree that Destiny isn't the best game ever made, it's certainly not as bad as reviews make it out to be.

Could it be better? Sure it could. But the game is not a failure by any means. Nor is it a 5/10 or 6/10 game.

This game in my book is a solid 8/10. Very addicting and enjoyable. I couldn't put it down last night. Made me stay up till 1am and had to get up to work at 7am. If it was a crap game, I don't think I would have stayed awake to play it that late especially when there is work the next day.

DivoJones1553d ago

Agreed on the multi-platform criticisms. A game doesn't have to be console-specific to be high quality.. that is a result of a well-crafted product. Had Halo been a multi-plat game, it still would've been the quality series it has been, there just would've been more people enjoying it.

The biggest distraction i've seen for Destiny is the forced multiplayer. I've said it before so I'll keep it short, but forcing players into a game style they don't like will always have this reaction. Titanfall for example has no actual campaign, and everything you play is 6v6 matchmaking lobbies. It had similar mixed reviews.

Webbyy1553d ago

"Destiny is a really good game and shows potential for the future."

^^ That is all folks. completely agree. I enjoy playing it despite the boring story.

This game has a bright future..unfortunately, through paid addon dlc :-/

skydragoonity1553d ago

The hate for destiny has gotten to the point of ridicule. I'm enjoying the game & that's what matters.

TRD4L1fe1553d ago

same here. The game is amazing and tomorrows raid will be epic and as long as i have my friends to play with then ill be playing this for a long time

CaspuR1553d ago

if the raid is just a longer, harder strike, im going to laugh in bungies face and its 10 year plan.

ion6661553d ago

Yup I'm staying home from work for this 9/16/14 I will be lighting them up.

jriquelme_paraguay1553d ago

this hate will finish in a few days, and people will still playing and enjoying the game. i really love this game.

Meltic1553d ago

one of the BIG fails is that you cant talk to ur friends in the mick WHILE playing a mission or a raid. You can only talk Before a mission. Its very bad. And not a even a chat to talk ?. wtf

TRD4L1fe1553d ago

uhhh yes you can. on XB1 you open the party chat and your problems are solved. dont use the in-game chat

LordMaim1553d ago

Sure you can. What are you talking about?

ion6661553d ago

Yes you can. Dude is your console is broken?. You chat in game but they have to be on your fire team.

Meltic1553d ago

I use my wireless 2.0 headsets and i can only talk to my friends Before i start any mission. Not during. hmm help ?

kurruptor1553d ago

I'm enjoying it as well. I can't comment on the flaws of the PVP, because I'm not that type of player. I don't know if it is truly unbalanced or not.

My only 2 negatives are:
- Some of the boss fights are just too long. That isn't the proper way to try to make it difficult, just makes it annoying. Instead they should drop their health like 75%, but put some limitations on revives.
- Not a lot of locations.

With that said. The game will change. Content will be added for free. There are in-game events that we have yet to see.

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