Bungie's Destiny Companion App - Is it any Good? | Grab It

Grab It reviews the companion app that was released on iOS for the blockbuster new FPS, Destiny.

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SlappingOysters1553d ago

I think the second screen thing is really cool, but tend to use it a heck of a lot more watching TV than I do playing games. It's too disconnected from a non-passive act like playing.

CoyoteHunter1553d ago

Totally agree this review. I'm really liking the app but have found it to be non essential. Actually when I'm just about to go to bed I boot it up quickly just to review my stats and things kick that. Pretty handy to have around.

Cookiebex1553d ago

Nice for a retrospective after a night of playing :D

SlappingOysters1552d ago

Have you tried any of the others they mention, Watch Dogs or Call of Duty?

CoyoteHunter1552d ago

Not those two in particular, but I have tried the Dead Rising 3 app. That one was actually really well done too.

You could review your stats in a similar fashion, view an overhead map and even unlock special missions that wouldn't otherwise unlock in game. It's probably the best companion app I've seen, making it a necessary but non-invasive part of the experience.

SlappingOysters1552d ago

I'd like to see them updated with FAQs. Trawling through gamefaqs when stuck in an area is really not user-friendly.

shinrock1552d ago

The best one are Bf4 hub and commander apps, need for speed network, and the titanfall app is ok.

shipnabottle1552d ago

Yeah a nice accompaniment to the main game. The grimoire is nice, fun for collectors, like a card or sticker book/scrap book. Very cool.

Solidbrod1552d ago

The MGS V iDroid companion app is a bit of fun. You build the mother base while recruiting allies and sending soldiers off to conflict. It also has second screen features like displaying your map, but the mother base game itself can be played as a standalone game.

CorndogBurglar1552d ago

I've only really used it to look up my grimoire cards. The app is much better for that than trying to look them up online.

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