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"Destiny has reached many gaming milestones. It holds the record of highest number of pre-orders for a new IP, the most expensive video game in history, over 500 million in revenue within just the first 24 hours and holds over 180 awards and nominations. The campaign is full of solar system vistas to explore and challenging battles to experience. One of the best things about Destiny will be the continued support it will receive from Bungie." -BootHammer

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venom061377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

HA!! the review scores from the BIG known review sites (no one knows or have heard of boothammer) are accurate. So now these little review sites are in "defend their purchase of Destiny mode"... too funny. Little fanboy bloggers are so funny

Krypto_Joe1377d ago

That's funny Venom06, I check out this website every time they post something here on n4g. Don't knock a site just because you don't read it yourself.

BootHammer1377d ago

Easy Venom06, you'll be down to one bubble before you know it ;7 If you don't enjoy Destiny that's perfectly alright. We happen to like it a lot and scored it based on our opinion and the enjoyment we got out of it. This goes with every review we do.
And we aren't defending any purchase. Luckily we are known well enough to receive review copies/code for new releases =) I don't think anyone should pick up a game or outright dismiss one over any review.

joab7771377d ago

Finally, someone off the bandwagon. As someone who is very harsh on games and played nearly every gebre, i am dumbstruck by the reviews. I understand that being Bungie, many would review it as a single player experience, but it isnt. And damn, give it some time to mature.

I am so damn happy w/ it. Yeah, as an mmo enthusiast, there r features I want like a chat box, but the core that has been given to us is amazing. I havnt been this hooked on a game in a long time.

BootHammer1377d ago

Well said joab777. Glad to see you are enjoying it as well =) I stressed the point too that it's just out the gate with lots of content coming. Speaking of, the first raid starts tomorrow!

Jughead34161377d ago

Completely agree. I am absolutely astonished at the mediocre reviews. Sad.

kraideral1377d ago

Finally someone that get what's Destiny is all about!

BootHammer1377d ago

Exactly! So many gamers get lost in pointing out every little flaw and forget to actually enjoy games, LOL. We are having a blast with Destiny and can't wait to see where Bungie takes it.

Perjoss1377d ago

Well deserved score, I'm totally hooked on this game.

joab7771377d ago

Me too. And i hate to think about all the ppl that gave up at level 10 b/c some reviewer reviewed it at level 10 or 15 as a single player game.

It's too bad b/c I frigging love this game...and what's coming has me so damn excited.

Seriously, w/ a full team and $500 million, as long as they listen to the community, this game could be absurdly good in 6 months to absurdly yr.

Ppl forget qhy u ll ok at games like ff14, warframe, dcuo, and even diablo 3 and etc. that what they r now, they were not half that at launch. Actually destiny's launch has been flawless in comparison. And i laugh at the lack of content complaints, especially from someone reviewing an mmo 3 days after release b/could mars already opened up.

If everyone remembers, Bungie themselves said that level 20 and the story were designed to take 3 days to cap. Thats the tutorial. Then the fun begins.

TM3331377d ago

I'm glad to hear some nice words about this game. I'm enjoying the hell out of it. It almost seems like the people that are enjoying it have been playing the game so much that they haven't even logged onto these sites to post good reviews (including me). So, we're left with a bunch of pissed off journalists who are afraid they're jobs are in jeopardy.

CaspuR1377d ago

9/10? nine out of ten? a 9 out of 10? No. No. and No. No way in hell. Dont not encourage bungie. they need to do better. this is not some new indie developer giving it its first go at a game. this is bungie where talking about. they are the creators of probably the most important fps ever, and to give them a free pass like this unacceptable. Think about it...the HALO games are in the9 out of 10s range. Is Destiny really up to Halos standards? NO

BootHammer1377d ago

I agree that Halo and the experiences associated are on another level. It's one of my favorite franchises that introduced me personally to LAN parties and then online matchmaking with Halo 2. It's something I'll never forget and always appreciate.

With that said, I'm not comparing the review score from Destiny to any Halo title. When reviewing, we score a game based on our personal enjoyment with it and its overall value. It's an opinion that will no doubt differ from many while others will connect with it. If we did a direct comparison, Halo 1,2 and 3 would take top honors just due to the nostalgic factor alone =) I have faith in Bungie though, that Destiny will become something really special. They are just out of the gate with Destiny, lots more to come.

CaspuR1377d ago

"lots more to come" is a line I hear to frequently when it comes to destiny. Everything else "to come" should be icing on a cake not detrimental to a games initial enjoyment. With that said Destiny can not and should not be judge as a regular shooter. Fans of different genres came to destiny with an open mind because of promises destiny made of being a "shared world shooter" with mmo and rpg elements and loot like features akin to games like borderlands and diablo.

A game like that naturally is going to sell alot because it appeals to so many different audiences but a game like that should also be judged on how well all those elements work together, and sadly i feel like anyone who came to destiny for any other feature other than tight controls will be disapointed.

UnwanteDreamz1377d ago

Nope I bought Destiny because I had fun in the beta. I guess your theory just went out the window. Very happy with my purchase. Destiny already has more content out of the package then the last3 shooters I bought.

CaspuR1377d ago


what theory did have? im saying the only people that are enjoying there purchase with destiny are people that bought it for tight shooter controls. everyone else is left in the dark, its no theory its fact.

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