Well, That Was interesting - 9.15.14

Continue Play's Brian Kale gives his weekly ruminations on gaming, tech, and everything else.

This week: the advent of 4K as a TV standard; is gaming journalism broken?; the US navy wants to turn us into robots; and, of course, some company called Mojang might be about to be acquired by some no-name corporation in Redmond, Virginia. Apparently that's a "thing" this week.

PLUS! Net neutrality, slang that deserves to come back, kooky kids and their reaction to seeing a NES, and the shandification of Mass Effect.

All this, plus a Charlton Heston quote as the strapline. What better way to start your week? Grab your coffee and your danish, check the boss isn't looking at your monitor, and take a break.

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joab7771376d ago (Edited 1376d ago )

Seriously, after this week I think gaming journalism is either in trouble, or I'll equipped for next gen.

Destiny released to horrible reviews. If i had to guess, many got together on skype, determined a score and talking points and then like a gun, fired one cookie cutter review after the other.

Only today did I finally see a review that reflected the actual game, and it came almost a week after launch, after the author had hit the cap and spent a few days in the endgame (which is fine for launch w/ a bunch of planned content on the heels).

Quality alone garners this game an 8. Now if u like mmo's and fps games, it may b your favorite game this yr, as it's insanely addictive w/ an amazing PvP for an mmo.

I do understand that those who just wanted an sp or havnt played an mmo may be taken back (and I do blame bungie for not simply telling us it's an mmo and not just appeasing their halo fan base w/ like 20 minutes of cutscenes), but it doesn't in any realm make this game a 6.

And gaming journalists or enthusiasts like myself that woke up to a Nintendo and a gold Zelda many yrs ago or played mmo's before WoW, should know that.