Photorealistic games 'just five years away'

AMD reckons photorealistic PC games are just five years away, reports PCR.

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Golden_Mud1378d ago

Maybe but not in 5 years , maybe 15 years cause if that would happen , it means they had developed a technology that can be compared to a human eye and if so that means they can now cure blindness , so I don't even expect anything new in the next 5 years , though interactive holograms can be possible I guess.

user65409481378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

Look at P.T./Silent Hills: There were some moments where things looked photorealistic.

But in my opinion, lighting/shadows play a huge part in that. Until games can make light look more realistic, no amount of detail on textures can escape that rendered plastic look.

Better lighting and shadows, plus 2k resolution might bring us closer to that possibility.

Golden_Mud1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

Well they first need to know the amount of pixels they need to use so it can be compared to the eyes , until now no one can compare eyes to pixels cause eyes can still notice the smallest amount of pixels when near the object.

But yes I do agree lighting and shadows could help make the game realistic but you do realize if we want games like GTA or MGS to look that good , we wouldn't get an open world environment.

UltraNova1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

No its actually closer to 8K, the current estimate for Retina level resolution in pixels that is.

So first we need 8K capable monitors (with extremely low latency/response time and ridiculous contrast levels), sufficient processing power and finally the software engine rendering 60 photo-realistic frames per second, at least.

5 years? Me. Thinks. Not.

Allsystemgamer1377d ago

It's already possible on current PC hardware.

Allsystemgamer1377d ago

Don't understand the disagrees. Just look at top end PC specs. If games were actually optimized the way console games are it is definitely possible

TI_211377d ago

They look insanely good, but not photo realistic, just yet.

Ninjatogo1377d ago

We can get very realistic looking tech demos but I don't think we have the power yet to make an entire game with photo realistic graphics.

Ninjatogo1377d ago

@ your second comment; that makes no sense. Photo realism doesn't require a resolution so insanely high that we can't see individual pixels. Think about it, do you look at digital photos of real life and think, "this doesn't look real"? Photorealism by definition is simply taking reference from stills or video and trying to recreate them in another medium.

ABizzel11377d ago


Actually it's quite possible. PC gaming is about to enter a huge GPU upgrade phase over the next 5 years, all least according to NVIDIA, and the way PCs (or at least gaming PCs) are build RAM wise.

Realistically PC gamers will be able to build a 40 TFLOP gaming PC with a Quad GPU set-up in 2020, and that will be using high mid-range GPUs (UHD GTX 460), with the highest end a 60 TFLOP set-up is the goal of max potential PC gaming in 2020 (aka 4x 15 TFLOP single GPUs in SLI). That's a super computer (normally hundreds of PCs) inside 1 household gaming rig, with a more common 2way SLI being 30 TFLOPS.

It's quite possible, but will it be mainstream. More than likely not.

Magicite1377d ago

I think there are already quite some games with nearly photorealistic moments/characters (Far Cry 3, Max Payne 3, Crysis 3).

boneso821377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

IHassounah, that is not what photorealistic means. When they talk about photorealism in games, it means that you will not be able to tell whether it is a game or a high definition recording. It will look photorealistic!

Do you ever watch live action movies, TV shows or even smart phone videos? They are all photorealistic regardless of the resolution and framerate because of... well, lets break it down for you:

Photorealism is a genre of art, that encompasses painting, drawing and other graphic mediums, including video games, in which an artist studies a photograph and then attempts to reproduce the image as realistically as possible in another medium ie: video games.

Its has nothing to do with representing the capabilities of the human eye or curing blindness. Based off current photorealistic art already being produced, it also has nothing to do with pixel visibility or density.

yosimba20001376d ago

what does photorealism got to do with curing blindness?

TardcoreGamer1376d ago (Edited 1376d ago )

Absolutely we will have photorealistic graphics in the next five years. Id say sooner. Lets see how MGS5 looks like in 4K when the PC version arrives.

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Kalebninja1377d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if the tech exists but they wont be saying anything cause no one could afford it if it as released tomorrow.

Gravity_DoGG1377d ago

There were an article from Microsoft saying they would be photo realistic in 15 years. that's 5 years ago so in 10 years maybe? 5 for Plastation when you look at games like P.T.

XBLSkull1377d ago ShowReplies(3)
crazychris41241377d ago

So that would mean the developer would have to start making the game now or in the next year or two. I just dont see it happening in 5 years. Especially since movies havent really gotten there yet. They are close but you can still spot cgi easily. Maybe movies will hit it in 5 years.

rarity1377d ago

Driveclub's environment looks photo realistic

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