8 Of The Most Terrifying PlayStation Games

MWEB GameZone writes: "People are drawn to scary things like moths to a flame. We obsess about it, just look at the Slenderman phenomenon. Gaming takes the scare even further by requiring the player to not only watch, but to also experience those dreadful moments. Players have to confront the most dreadful "things" the imagination can conjure through video games."

Here are 8 terrifying PlayStation games.

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lord zaid1552d ago

I'm glad horror is making a comeback. I feel like this generation we're going back to an eclectic mix of games.

Sillicur1552d ago

Horror is awesome! Love playing a brilliant horror game with the lights off and my headsets on high volume

DeadManMMX1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

Playstation and survival horror in the late 90s. I'll never forget the creep factor of the original Resident Evil. Even though looking back with those graphics the zombies were barely a step above minecraft in looks but it was the atmosphere and music that hooked me. A lil something extra that all of them since 4 have been lacking. I even enjoyed the knockoffs that came along. Over blood, galerians, Silent hill took it in a different direction as did Clock Tower (which existed prior in a pretty awesome snes game). The late 90s spawned so much of the groundwork for cinematic storytelling in games even if it started out at b movie level. If I could bottle the feelings I has when I played that old Pizza Hut demo disc with MGS, parappa, crash etc. Anyway I'm glad we're having this sudden resurgence in horror gaming damn you capcom you better bring your A game this time.