New images of Grotesque

Here are new images of Grotesque on Xbox360 and PC. Grotesque is a sort of parody of Oblivion. We can find in the game a character of name is Prince of perversia.

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Silogon3832d ago

Awesome looking game. Xbox always gets the best games, notice thaT? Like, they are the only ones getting indirect exclusives from 3rd party cause no one wants to make games for the ps3. Sad actually. Sad but very true.

power of Green 3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

Man thats strange you use to be a hardcore PS3 fan up untill the Square Enix Japanese MSFT show you've snapped you're scaring me.

I agree that many 360 titles are starting to show up out of nowhere I'm guessing this is the result of all the 360's success in 2007 just now starting to show as many guessed.

Never heard of this game.

SIX3832d ago

Nice textures and smooth graphics don't equal good graphics. This game looks like any cookie cutter PC game. Anyone can make a detailed high res character model. For me, Design first then worry about the texture maps and anti aliasing.

pirat10fc3832d ago

First time I heard of this game.

dragunrising3832d ago

I found Shivering Isles, the expansion to be quite the parody itself. Everything was exaggerated and made fun of "normal" aka Oblivion.

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