Six Games You Have to Play Before Halloween

We are now a week closer to the scariest day of the year, Halloween. Sony PS4′s are already being haunted by the “Disc Eject” Ghost, Halloween stores are popping up everywhere, and the nights are getting cooler. What better time to play video games? If you haven’t looked up my last article, “7 Games You Have to Play Before Halloween”, I suggest you do. It shows you seven of the scariest games games that have released over the years. Today I will list 6 more, each one scarier than the next! So, relax, grab some hot cocoa, and your nearest controller. Try not to spill that cocoa though: I sense some “jump scares” in your future!

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Kanako1402d ago

Why choose Fear 2 over the original Fear?

mafiahajeri1402d ago

Lol I was just going to come bash this article for choosing manhunt 2 over the original, my favorite Sp experience of all time! Everyone owes to himself to play that masterpiece of a game!

Summons751402d ago

First FEAR
First Manhunt
First Condemned
Amnesia stays the same
Fatal Frame 2

heres a much better list with real horror games.

Tiqila1401d ago

I would add Silent Hill 2, but nice list.

Summons751401d ago

Thanks, it was a toss up between Fatal Frame 2 and Silent Hill 2. Love both but FF2 game me more scares, SH2 was an amazing story.

FunAndGun1401d ago

Costume Quest!

sure it's a cute little game for all ages, but it is total Halloween goodness.

LAWSON721401d ago

I think this year I need to start a Halloween tradition with scary games, maybe I will start with Outlast