Destiny UK's biggest new IP launch ever

"Destiny is the biggest new IP launch ever in the UK, official figures have confirmed.
Sales during launch week beat out those of Ubisoft's Watch Dogs, the previous record holder. Destiny went on sale on Tuesday, 9th September 2014.
The PlayStation 4 version took a 46 per cent share of the sales (this figure includes sales of new fixed hardware bundles in both black and white). Xbox One took 36 per cent, Xbox 360 14 per cent and PlayStation 3 four per cent."

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Eonjay1553d ago

Wow that is really impressive.

Platform Results:
PS4 46% + PS3 4% = 50%
Xbox One 36% + Xbox 360 14 = 50%

Gen Results
PS4 46% + Xbox One 36% = 82%
PS3 4% + Xbox 360 14% = 18%

lelo2play1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

Yep, people are moving on to current gen. It would have been better if Bungie made the game for PC instead of last gen hardware... but what the hell do I know.

In the future if Bungie releases Destiny on the PC, a lot of people aren't going to buy it because they already know the game is not that good. The hype is fading away.

Einhert1553d ago

Destiny has nowhere near the longevity necessary to survive or sell on PC.

PC gamers tend to enjoy long lasting experiences and this game would not surive when people are used to proper full fledged MMOs with content that can take months to complete.

Volkama1553d ago

Einhart, I'm a PC gamer and I don't agree with that at all. The PC lends itself very well to short games, because it is so far ahead in digital distribution and pricing. I have something like 150 games outstanding on my PC, and I really don't want longevity out of every one of them...

I love games with longevity. But I also love short, consumable games that I can blast through and move on, or games I can flit in and out of as the mood takes me.

Destiny may struggle to offer PC gamers what they want, but not because they're a different breed to console gamers. Take a look at the reviews, you'll see console gamers raising the same concerns.

hello121553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

[email protected] Destiny did not sell as well on PS4 as expected. Double the install base but still only 10 per ahead of xb1.

If it doesn't include the PS4 bundles, than i could understand those results.Hopefully we get some clarification on that from Bungie.

imt5581553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

Destiny came out 5 days ago, dude. I'm pretty sure that sale gap will widen. Everybody who want to play Destiny must buy a game under a week? NO! Wait for a few weeks. Look at the Watch Dogs for PS4. Still in top 10.

Mikelarry1553d ago

nice numbers for both platforms, even with all the exclusive on ps platforms it seems most gamers did not care as both combined sales are 50/50, one could argue was there really a point for sony paying to get al those exclusive content deals for those numbers.

offtopic: also call of duty is still going strong damn, this is the reason activision keeps the yearly franchise all that hate and still number 3

spacedelete1553d ago

50/50 split is a massive success for Sony as Bungie is known for being an Xbox developer and Xbox focuses on shooters and fps so that 50/50 split means Sony is breaking that perception that Xbox is for multiplayer and shooters and PlayStation is only for single player games. nice try though troll.

Volkama1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

I would consider it a massive success for Microsoft, since Sony have all the momentum and mindshare AND all the marketing for the game.

BUT this is just the UK. I expect European numbers will skew massively towards Sony, as Sony are far more dominant in the rest of Europe than they are in the UK.

Mikelarry1553d ago

I don't know about you but if I was to invest my money into something I would like to see more than half of what my competition who did not pay for the same content as me getting exactly the same result.

also " nice try though troll" seems to be spewed out by babies who cant make an argument without injecting their emotions into the conversation especially coming from the user with 3 bubbles.

good day

zerocrossing1553d ago

I see this is an important lesson in just how powerful hype can be.

Don't get me wrong, Destiny is in no way a "bad game" but it's definitely not what it was hyped up to be. It's got solid gameplay for sure, but falls average in just about every other area.

That being the case, Destiny being "the UK's biggest new IP launch ever" is for the most part, due to the hype that surrounded it as apposed to the game being amazingly good.

As a gaming community, we'd do well to consider that popular saying "Don't believe the hype" more often.

mcstorm1553d ago

Your spot on. Some of the best games last gen were missed by a lot of people because of not having the hype some games got instead. I never go for hype I look at what I like the look of and by that game.

It will now be interesting to see how long this game stays in the top 20. But on a + note good to see people moving over to the new gen. The back end of this year is a great time to move to the Xbox One, WiiU and PS4.

zerocrossing1553d ago

It happens all the time... Some of my fave games have received barley any marketing at all.

Hopefully once the hype fizzles out, we'll get more honest reviews coming through and level headed discussions being had. By that time Bungie will have a better idea of what to fix and how to improve the game.

Yeah, it's good to see the new systems are selling well, sales are sure to pick up even more during the coming holidays too.

green1553d ago

I was not expecting an even platform split in sales at all. Was expecting something in the region of 70% Sony and 30% Microsoft based on all advertising, exclusive content etc for Sony platforms.

Well, i am sure Sony and Microsoft will be happy anyway because the game will certainly move some hardware.

zerocrossing1553d ago

Just goes to show what little effect some of these exclusivity deals have when it comes to sales figures.

Not bashing Sony or anything, just saying it's very interesting to seeing how certain deals play out.

green1553d ago

I completely agree with you. This just shows that exclusivity deals don't really make any sense especially if the game will be available on both platforms the exact same time.

Volkama1553d ago

It's only the UK though. Overall numbers will sway quite dramtically in Sony's favour, particularly in Europe.

Kayant1553d ago

Very true though result is still a bit surprising. Then again it's a bungie game, XB1 had some good deals with Destiny unlike Watchdogs and White PS4 bundle which is exclusive to game.

How well this deal worked out for Sony will be to see how long it stays in the top 40 because Watchdogs PS4 hasn't been lower than top 20 iirc since launch.

DanielGearSolid1552d ago

Sony mostly advertised on Ps4

And it did the best on Ps4

360 was always the preferred console for fps vs 360. Even when battlefield 3 drop. With Sony advertising, it sold more on 360.

I'm surprised anybody here didn't expect the 360 version to kill the ps3 version

Predaking771553d ago

I don't get why the media hate Destiny so much. It don't deserve the hate that is running around. My friends and I are having such a good time with Destiny and it has been successful on sales while there are other games that are really bad and there is no such a hate campaign.

Looks to me that the media is offended because Bungie released the game and did not allowed any review before the release and now the media is trying to punish them.

Mikelarry1553d ago

i think its the unbelievable hype that was built up for this game and when it did not deliver that turned sour and everyone one and everyone just jumped on this hate band wagon. I am also enjoying destiny (on level 20) and I can see its faults hopefully Bungie learns from this and improves on this or destiny two.

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