Oops, A Miiverse Glitch Allows Players To Post Any Picture They Want

A Miiverse glitch is allowing players to post any picture they want to Nintendo's family-friendly online gaming community, including images of apes and Russian President Vladimir Putin.


This specific Miiverse exploit is being caused by a vulnerability in the Mario & Luigi: Dream Team software. A software patch was released by Nintendo to fix the issue, but players that haven’t updated their copy of the game can take advantage of the flaw in the old version of the software.

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Nevers0ft1404d ago

It probably speaks volumes of the Miiverse community that they took the opportunity to post jokes and memes, rather than Goatse or LemonParty pictures. Nintendo are still deleting the pictures but I'm yet to see an engorged wang or worse on Miiverse due to this bug.

R00bot1404d ago

I've seen many people posting Silent Hill screens and asking for it to come to the West. Good people, those Miiverse users.