Once Again Retro Studios Is Hiring; Almost Certainly A Wii U Game

Snippet from the article:

Fans often get excited when Retro Studios posts a job listing. As ambiguous as these listing are, they give us small insight to what is currently being worked behind close doors. In the past day or so – Retro Studio’s has posted an additional 4 job vacancies. What’s most interesting is that these positions almost certainly suggest that Retro are working on a Wii U game.

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Metallox1129d ago

I hope it's not Diddy Kong Racing or a new side-scroller again, but I'm not that worried considering they are looking for expert people in AAA gaming.

R00bot1129d ago

No matter what they make, it will be incredible. Fo' sho'.

Seriously though I hope it's Metroid.

Metallox1129d ago

Something like Metroid it's more AAA than Donkey Kong. Retro was made for this kind of games, not side-scrollers, that's a waste of potential.

mikeslemonade1128d ago

Development for the new system.. Not interested in playing a shooter on last gen hardware.

Big_Game_Hunters1128d ago (Edited 1128d ago )

@mikeslemonade, Technically my 2000$ PC will be last gen hardware in a few months. Must be taxing to upgrade every year since you don't play on old hardware.

ChickeyCantor1128d ago (Edited 1128d ago )

"Something like Metroid it's more AAA than Donkey Kong."

AAA implies how big the budget is for said game. Stop using that buzzword. Ya'll have no clue what it means. No such thing as " in AAA gaming."

"Retro was made for this kind of games, not side-scrollers, that's a waste of potential."

They did pretty fine with Donkey Kong. They made a solid game. So no potential wasted. They are game developers not a one way street.

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RAFFwaff1129d ago

Hope its Prime 4, but i seriously had to eat humble pie as DKTF was an amazing platformer.

herbs1128d ago

I would be alright with Retro reuseing the DK engine for a 2.5D Metroid but would obviously prefer something more like Prime. So many awesome possibilities with the Gamepad could be had in another Prime game...

Gamer19821128d ago

I hope nobody goes to work for these guys they hire people then when they are finished on games they have a tendency to let them go. Most developers want job stability and as great as Retro Studios are they are not dependable. They like to hire staff when they are making the game then let them go when they are done or when they decide to cancel projects midway through. Whatever you may think of there games they are a terrible company to work for.

herbs1128d ago (Edited 1128d ago )

You do realize what your complaining about is an industry wide problem across basically every single gaming studio that has more than 15 staff members, and for you to just bring this up completely off topic and point your finger at Retro makes you look like a complete and total ass...
Same goes for idiots below who decided to drag feminism into this thread for absolutely no reason. Samus is basically the original video game heroine and she is strong and beautiful and if anyone has a problem with that they need to get over themselves and become a stronger person...

Concertoine1128d ago

I hope they make whatever they want, that way their passion will shine through that much more.

Though the Wii U's only truly overpopulated genre is definitely 2D platformers.

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jcnba281129d ago

New Metroid please. It's long overdue.

HavokPants1129d ago

Feminist logic
"why is ther no fuckin women protagonists"

translation 'we dont play these games (which are made by men so they have the right to make the protagonist men) but for no fucking reason we want the protagonist to be a girl even though actual gamer girls dont mind, it bothers us)

"Omg they oversexualise women in games"

Translation "men made these games so they have the right to make the male the main protagonist but if they make a character who has been training hard who natuarly has a nice body because of her training and her character is a strong independant hero It's tottaly oversexualisation but hey there is nothing wrong with duke nukem who is a sterotypical man a.k.a a douchbag guy with a big dick and a 6 pack and giant muscles no thats just sexy

Feminists are hypocritical bastards

TekoIie1129d ago

You in the wrong comments section?

Neonridr1129d ago

anytime people bring up that stuff I point them at Metroid or Bayonetta. Two females who love nothing more than to kick a little ass.

Blues Cowboy1129d ago (Edited 1129d ago )

Wow. Projecting much? This has nothing to do with the actual thread.

HavokPants1129d ago

retro have metroid = samus aran = girl = big tits = feminists hate her

ritsuka6661128d ago

Reported for off topic. SHM this is nothing with this article.

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HavokPants1129d ago

Feminists don't want to be treated equal they want to be worshipped as a superior race spread rhe word they are the next nazis

thehobbyist1129d ago

You got the wrong thread. Man.

Chrischi19881129d ago (Edited 1129d ago )

But there is still some truth to it. They dont want to be equal, equal means also taking the bad stuff, not only the good stuff. Wrong thread, yes, but what he says is not untrue. They dont care for story and keeping a franchise real, no their problem is that Link is not a girl and if there is a girl, then she is too sexy, like they must look loke crap, what is wrong with these people? Cant they fight for something, that actually makes a difference for their lifes, instead of pissing of gamers? Like equality in real life...

So oversexualizing is bad, but the heroes we play in games are rarely some fat guy with herpes.

deadchucky1129d ago

I think it's for metroid but why do we have to wait that long

wonderfulmonkeyman1128d ago

We have to wait because we don't want a beta test released as a full game.

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