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MMGN writes: Destiny is a beautiful game, but it’s just too shallow to fill the MMO void on consoles. Its lore is compelling enough to incentivise your initial progression, but it lacks much of a narrative drive beyond its introductory sequence. It’s certainly disappointing insofar as establishing an interesting tale of galactic conflict, but it’s still a very competent shooter. But what are balanced mechanics and satisfying gunplay if there’s little there to drive you forward? Destiny tries to employ the genre’s diverse structure of levelling and depth, but it’s just too pedestrian to say much about its worth. It’s definitely one of the most polished and balanced games of recent years, but there’s just not enough going on in this dull, lifeless wasteland.

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Jdoki1377d ago

6.5 is way too harsh.

Not sure how many hours the authors put in to the game, but a couple of comments made me think they either rushed to lvl 20, or have not got past level 10.

I don't understand how every single review states how phenomenally balanced, and how well the game controls. How the Co-Op and PvP and PvE all work really well - and yet because of a few other faults, it is getting slammed hard.

Sure the story is flaky, and the need to go to to read Grimoire cards is ridiculous. The UI needs some work (why can't I hot key consumables!). And a bunch of other things. But there are no fundamental, or unfixable problems in this game.

Compared to other recent multiplayer shooters, Destiny delivers. Compared to other Co-Op and single player games, this is solid (is the story really any worse than the recent crap in battlefield and CoD!)

There's an addictive quality to Destiny, that is luring people in, but for those that don't like it, either their expectations were unreasonably high for this game, or it's just not for them.

But in this review, to claim the game is a 6.5 after saying is one of the most polished, balanced games in recent years, has great PvP maps and is addictive, just seems like click-bait scoring.

If Destiny was ONLY comprised of PvP and Co-Op Strikes - and nothing else - I would still think it was worth the money. Destiny is easily a low 8

Einhert1377d ago

"6.5 is way to harsh"

Then you brush off narrative like it does not even matter....COD games actually have good SP...the new ones SP looks great.

It is not clickbait

- Poor narrative
- Loot system is inconsequential and just feels like a grind for bigger numbers
- bad VA & dialogue is cheesey
- PVP lacks anything new or exciting and youd expect way more from the Devs of bloody Halo
- Not enough content to make up for the poor narrative
- very repetitive missions
- lots of back tracking
- Lack of enemy variety from bungie who made the most diverse shooter series available
- Boss fights are also dull

To say those legitimate criticisms do not line up with a 6/10 score is lunacy, to then turn around and claim anything not in line with your opinion is clickbait is completely delusional.

Giantbomb hit the nail on the head with their review.

6/10 is not a bad score so you can all stop acting like it is, it is above average - good and that is what Destiny is, it is nothing special nor very good and it does not innovate.

Why does this title deserve 8 or 9/10s? there is nothing there to warrant it.

Jdoki1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

What... So the game is marginally better than Haze and Dust 514, but worse than every CoD, Battlefield, Resistance, and Killzone released. And TitanFall!

And significantly worse than Diablo 3 - a loot-fest with even less story and content than Destiny.


Reviewers went in to Destiny with ridiculous expectations; that it was going to be some sort of epic single player game, and epic Co-op, and epic PvP right out of the box...

And instead what we got was something much closer to an MMORPG, and has those same addictive qualities.

What it did deliver was a really solid PvP (I prefer it to Halo at the moment). A really cool Co-Op mode (I'm loving playing the Strikes and Public events with Friends). The story is badly told (although I disagree that the VA is bad), but the PvE backing up the story is still huge fun to solo.

Your list sounds like you only played the Alpha / Beta (at most), or are just parroting the same negative points all the other 'cool kids' are banging out.

I'm 10 hours in to Destiny, and haven't even got to Mars yet, and can easily see me putting another 10-20 hours in - that's definitely my money's worth.

This game has replaced Borderlands as my favourite FPS. You say CoD has a good single player!? What!? That says it all really! The last good SP CoD was #4, Modern Warfare. Everything after that has been forgettable - and the whole 'enemies keep coming until you pass some invisible boundary', is not a fun game mechanic.

So, to me.. I can easily say the game is a low end 8 - because although I can see the faults (and there are many), none are unfixable, game breaking, or push the game in to the 6 range; and most importantly the game is fun. Also, although I enjoyed the Beta I didn't go all-in with the Season Pass, as I wanted to see if I really enjoyed the game - I am now signed up for the expansions and can't wait to see what events, patches, DLC and Expansions Bungie come up with in future.

FriedGoat1377d ago

Titanfall gets an 8.5?
I'm sorry, but destiny is much better than titanfall, And i have that on PC.

This article is clickbait plain and simple.
Something suspicious is going on with all these low scores.

Flamingweazel1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

No it si NOt way too harsh, reviews have been terrible too high for years....6.5 is average 7 is decent to good..........It is about time games start getting the scores that make sense. Destiny is a shallow, poorly designed game in many areas.

Takes more then polish, pretty graphcis and good shooting to make a good gam.

busytoad1377d ago

9.0 in my book. Fun as hell and the pvp is addicting as heck

FriedGoat1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

hell yeah, the PVP is amazing, it has some real great mechanics. Best Console FPS deathmatch since halo 3 for me, cant wait to see what other modes they add. Need some CTF!

I've barely played the single player as it doesnt really interest me, I levelled to 20 throught the crucible haha.

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DefenderOfDoom21377d ago

GIANT BOMB ( JEFF GERTZMAN ) gave DESTINY a 3 out 5 , which means the game is pretty good . A 3 out 5 does not translate to a 6 out of ten, unless you work for metacritic . A three out of translate's to a 7.5-7.9 out of ten . Well at least that it was JEFF GERTZMAN said.

Jughead34161377d ago

Another reviewer reviewing this game as an MMO. Bungie has said it in all their interviews pre-launch that this is not an MMO. It's a shared world action FPS. It does borrow MMO and RPG elements, but it's neither. Amazing how you can give a review without even knowing what you're reviewing.