Can Bungie save Destiny?

MWEB GameZone writes: "When we finally entered Destiny, we found her embrace to be cold, repetitive and hollow. Destiny cost Bungie millions to make (to date it's the most expensive video game ever made), but the loss of reputation is going to cost Bungie even more.

But can Bungie still save Destiny?"

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SonZeRo1220d ago

Another possibly great game possibly ruined. Lets see what Bungie can do.

Sillicur1220d ago

Bungie has a mammoth task ahead of them :(

Eonjay1220d ago (Edited 1220d ago )

I'm sure they are up to the challenge. What I do find odd is that the same folks who are criticizing the game were the ones praising the beta. Thats why I have a hard time believing them. I liked the beta and so I bought the game because I knew I already liked it.

guitarded771220d ago

It's the highest selling new IP ever. People playing it are loving it. Some critics give it a mediocre review and all of the sudden it's doomed.

cleft51220d ago

The core of Destiny is a really fun game and the story is not bad at all. There is definitely a lot of lore too, what Bungie is lacking now is content. They need to release more content for the game and it needs to be free. The paid expansion is fine, but the base game needs more content. If Bungie does that then Destiny will be fine.

I am enjoying Destiny, but the lack of mp features and the ability to connect with random people is just unacceptable, especially from a game made by Bungie.

I should be able to random join up with other people for every single story mission. The damn game requires you always be online anyways, so there is no excuse. The fact that this feature isn't there is just inexcusable. There is so many features that this game is lacking, if Bungie quickly updates the game with these features it will be fine, otherwise it will go the way of Defiance.

Arnon1220d ago (Edited 1220d ago )

The reason reviewers were able to give lower scores to this game (even though they enjoyed the beta) is due to the fact that a beta is not a full game. In fact, the beta was designed to entice you into buying the full game, as only a fraction of content was available for it, and therefore gave the impression of a complete game, which it was for what it was. However that should not necessitate an indication to the quality of the game in its entirety.

Mr-Dude1220d ago (Edited 1220d ago )

Well there are people who dont like Destiny and have actually played it, and there are those who hate it for the hype it created or whatever reason they believe in.

I played Destiny now for a good 72 hours, I am level 25 and there are things what are missing yes, things what are annoying yes. But overall the game is fun, and the people playing it are having fun.

- Proximity chat! Why not bungie?

- The game is build on grinding for loot, but when I get a Legendary Engram (which is very rare) I don't want Uncommon items!!! Or Rare, I want Legendary items! For my class!

-Matchmaking for weekly strikes, Nightfall strikes and Raids!

-More options for interaction with other players besides, waving, pointing, dancing and sitting.... -_-

-missing a trading system! Or some sort of auctions

-The Tower is the social hub for us, but for a game which is heavely promoted to be SOCIAL, this has to be the most UNSOCIAL game ever. They need to fix this, esspecially in the tower.

XBLSkull1220d ago

Gonna play for another day or two and then get maximum trade in value for it.

Strikes are zero fun, multiplayer is lack luster, raids aren't even there.

no problem charging you for extra content already though, its already lacking already that extra stuff should have been in the game to begin with. No Destiny 2 for me, sorry, you blew it already.

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mark3214uk1220d ago

i dont get it i think the game is not that bad? i dont normally play these style games but im actually enjoying it

what were people expecting that they havnt got?

Chupa-Chupa1220d ago

they have a 10 year plan with Destiny, so anything is possible, but once Halo comes bye Destiny for ever.

HeWhoWalks1220d ago

For you, perhaps. Destiny is an MMO, though, so the games really aren't comparable, in that regard.

I tend not to look at these things so black-and-white. Halo 5 releasing in late 2015 has no bearing on a late 2014 release. It will just be a new game to play.

theDECAY1220d ago

If you believe that Destiny is an MMO you have been fooled like the rest of them.

user3672721220d ago

Mmo stands for massive multiplayer online..and going on repeated side quest with a couple of buddies is not massive.

Provolone241220d ago

lol Halo has nothing on Destiny. Last time I checked, Halo isn't a FPS/MMO/RPG/third-person adventure.

Eonjay1220d ago

It was the most preordered new IP of all time so I imagine it is also the best selling new IP of all time. Watch_Dogs is the current champion so if that game could sell 4 million in a week, I'm sure Destiny could do twice that easily.

plut0nash1220d ago

That's good for Destiny - but will it cover their costs? Hmm...

Lev19031220d ago

They already made their 500 Million back. So financially the game is a succes.

HanCilliers1220d ago

@Eonjay that's exactly my thoughts. I find it hard to believe that critics could praise the alpha/beta so much and be so disappointed in the final. Most of them saying Destiny is boring, was there no hint of that? I really don't understand this

Einhert1220d ago (Edited 1220d ago )

People are trying to say those criticising Destiny only played the BETA and now they did not play it enough to form a proper opinion?

Which is it?

In the BETA there was no way to know

- what other loot there would be
- How much content there was going to be
- What the overall story and narrative was like
- What other enemies there were
- What the other zones were like
- What the dialogue and voice acting was like (they said they were going to fix it up)

The BETA was solid for what it was and to say the full game could be judged off that is a complete and utter farce.

Your reasoning is faulty.

Sillicur1220d ago

Well said about the BETA. There was no way to know how the full game would be and what would be lacking

HanCilliers1220d ago

Not saying the full game should've been judged, but certain elements could surely been picked up on. To go from "this is gonna be The Game" to "dafaq is this" is a long way.

1220d ago
Mikelarry1220d ago

This is why i cant take reviews or awards serioulsy. In the ads before lunch most of this site were saying how destiny is the second coming . I am enjoying destiny but i can also see its faults hopefully bungie are up to the task to improve on this as i really want this IP to do well

HanCilliers1220d ago

I agree with you that "this site" bought into the hype. But they also have to still give their review.

Soldierone1220d ago (Edited 1220d ago )

Seriously. It even advertises on the box "winner of 180 awards" or whatever, and those awards are from these same sites.... I saw Destiny at E3 and a few other events, it was pretty much the same build we got here, and they had the final build running at events just before launch. These sites were all still praising it to hell.

Then a few sites turn and give it negative reviews on launch and everyone follows? What? You were just praising this game like mad right after you seriously just played a final build of it..... makes no sense. It's like monkey see, monkey does.

cooperdnizzle1220d ago

@Soldierone. I can agree with you kinda. I played the beta and loved it because, lets be honest it was a pretty big beta. The gun play was fast and fun. Then hearing the developers say over and over that the beta was just a small slice of the game and that there was way more to it in the final build, Which was good because after having the beta for a week it started getting boring.

So going in to it i thought there would be way more. Open up the planets, have better story missions, have way more enemy and being able to go anywhere on the planets because that is what they said so many times.

Well turns out that the beta was the exact same game as far as where you could go on the moon and earth, and they story missions are all exactly the same take ghost here have him scan and that's it until the game ends. The beta was the biggest beta of a game i have ever seen to date.

Thus making me think the game would offer way more then it actually could. If you played the beta then you have experienced the hole game of Destiny practically

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