Block Breaker Deluxe (WiiWare World)

While Arkanoid clones are pretty abundant in the realm of the PC, video gamers have not been treated to a whole lot of these kinds of games over the years. Gameloft, which has formed quite a reputation as a cell-phone game developer, decided to see if a port of the first game in their successful Block Breaker Deluxe series could find itself a sizeable audience on the Wii.

The story, described by Gameloft as "gripping and original" is certainly not gripping. But, for what it's worth, it is original. You, the player, are a famous block breaker champion who wants to enter a tournament being organized by a billionaire for the top 10 block breaker players in the world. However, one obstacle is preventing you from entering the competition of your dreams. The entry fee of $1 million. So, in order to raise some dough, you have to hit the block breaker night scene and take characters' challenges (the challenges being levels)....

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